The Lowdown on Technical SEO for Your Website

The Lowdown on Technical SEO for Your Website

One of the most interesting parts of trying to run an online business in such a competitive industry involves making way not just for the online users, but the various algorithms that come with them. For example, those who prefer to build their careers on YouTube will have to deal with the algorithm, which means making use of various keywords to get the job done, while simultaneously taking advantage of relevant trending content that comes around on the main page.

Of course, the idea of algorithms didn’t start with YouTube. The biggest and most important algorithm around is undoubtedly the Google algorithm, and there are some massive changes planned in the very near future that could potentially change the way digital marketing works. The best SEO companies in Houston have been anticipating the many changes to come with the Google Page Experience Update, which emphasizes the user-friendliness of a website.

That said, one of the most interesting things about optimized web design is how things string together to form a web. For example, trying to make a better user experience (UX) for online shoppers will inadvertently make it easier for the search algorithm to find the site. Going for a mobile platform will also ensure that opportunities are opened up for a large percentage of online shoppers, as most people are only interested in shopping on their smartphones.

Search engine optimization (SEO) in the foundation

When it comes to web design, there are plenty of things a user can accomplish to gain the attention of online users. Many more to gain the attention of the algorithm. However, there is something further in the background that can be used to get the attention of both. The term technical SEO is used to determine methods that improve the infrastructure of a website — the foundation that could potentially make it easier for the algorithm to search, index, and rank.

It also has the potential of attracting online users without their realizing that the website is all that different from others that they like. It can simply seem as though the website is easier to navigate than others, or perhaps it seems a bit simpler to understand. Those that are not paying too much attention to the way the site works will likely come to the conclusion that they enjoyed the experience, but they might not be able to fully explain why.

Subtlety in action

Of course, when it comes to web design, there is always a reason to make changes or upgrades. For example, a website that loads slowly due to high-quality images will not do nearly as well as the same website with a slightly lower resolution for the images to help improve load times. While the images remain largely the same, the difference in quality affects the file size, which, in turn, affects the time it takes to load the page. It might not seem like a big deal, but many online visitors often leave a site before fully exploring it due to slow loading times.

In the case of technical SEO, it can have a lot to do with a site’s layout. It can be quite annoying for an online user to have to go into three separate sections just to find the products that they want. Having to dig too deeply to find products and services will not help any company run its eCommerce store. The solution would be to build horizontally and make sure that it is easy enough to navigate to the desired page without taking too much time digging.

There are also the choices made with the platform, such as choosing to go for the mobile platform to take advantage of specific tools, including Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages HTML. Such tools can help optimize various parts of a website and can help a company stand out from the rest of the crowd.

How does a startup company take advantage of technical SEO?

First and foremost, using the best SEO companies in Houston can help alleviate much of the issues that come with web optimization. For the most part, a company owner can let the professionals get the job done. However, there is always an advantage in learning the ropes, even if the plan is to have professionals work on technical search engine optimization. For example, the appropriate use of subdomains is a crucial but often neglected part of web design. It also helps if the product filters are helpful enough that the average online user can easily utilize the feature to get the products they want.

For the most part, it is about being in the shoes of an online user and trying to figure out what they might want out of the site. While there is always personal preference to consider, the average online user enjoys a website that gets straight to the point. A header that provides the message of the company and the products rendered in as few words as possible is often more than enough to convince an online user to keep looking. Having long-form content in the right section regarding the products and services rendered will also help encourage users to eventually make a purchase. 

Technical SEO is something everyone can do

When it comes to optimizing a website, the little things matter more than most. Taking advantage of all the little details can make all the difference, and improving the infrastructure is the point of technical SEO. Not only does technical SEO make it much easier for algorithms to find and index the site for ranking, it simultaneously makes things a more comfortable experience for online users — something that will be even more effective when the Google Page Experience Update goes live in May of 2021.

While there are various ways a company can improve web design to help push their content to the forefront, a focus on technical SEO over many others will lead to positive results. When it comes to attracting both online users and the Google search algorithm, business owners cannot go wrong with technical SEO.