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7 Reasons Why Relocating to Costa Rica Will Improve Your Life

Taking the plunge and moving to a new city or country can truly be a life-altering experience, and can change the way you view the world. Costa Rica in particular is a beautiful country that will absolutely sweep you off your feet, take your breath away and change you forever – in the best way possible. More than being an incredible holiday destination, Costa Rica is an amazing place to live too, for loads of different reasons.

If you’re thinking about relocating, take a look at these reasons why it might be the best idea for you and start planning! You’ll want to check out the cost of living in Costa Rica (you’ll be pleasantly surprised) and other important factors like the housing market and whether you’ll be buying a home before jumping on a plane. Once all your planning is in place though, grab your tickets and start experiencing the beauty of Costa Rica.

The Wildlife

With over 500 000 different animal and bird species, it’s no surprise that Costa Rica boasts some of the most diverse wildlife on the planet. The country is full of gorgeous national parks, all dedicated to acting as a home for these wild and wonderful creatures, which means that they are being protected and taken care of, and all you need to do is experience them. From colourful fowls and screeching monkeys to majestic humpback whales in the ocean, you might never run out of new animals and insects to see and learn about – it’s the animal lover’s dream come true.

The Volcanoes

They might make you nervous, but the volcanoes in Costa Rica are beautiful and make for some pretty incredible adventures. There are loads of dormant volcanoes (that you don’t need to worry about) and six active ones (that you also shouldn’t worry about) which are all beautiful to learn about and experience. Because of these volcanoes, much like in New Zealand, the country boasts geothermal hot springs that you can dip your toes into for a new and fun experience too.

The Beaches

Anybody who says they don’t like the beach is lying. White sand, clear blue water and the palm trees that make you feel like you’re in a teen beach movie: what could be better? Tropical life is great for a vacation, but living in it is a whole new level altogether. The tranquillity of living so near these gorgeous beaches brings a kind of peace to your lifestyle, and being able to drive down to the shore in a pinch when you’re bored on a Saturday afternoon is a dream come true. Paradise, here we come!

The Climate

If you’re a summer-sunshine kind of person, Costa Rica is your dream home. The country is beautifully warm almost every day of the year, with scattered rain keeping everything green, vibrant and exquisite. The average temperature is around 80 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit on the coastlines, keeping the winters warm and the summers hot – perfect for pool days, beach surfing and ice-cold cocktails no matter what time of day it is.

The Adventure

Costa Rica is a dream come true for the outdoorsy type. Because of all the beautiful different landscapes, there are endless opportunities for exciting new outdoor adventures. From surfing and snorkelling to volcano hiking and zip-lining, there’s always something new to try out and so many amazing ways to spend your weekends and vacations, right next door to the comfort of your own home. Costa Rica also gets bonus points for being absolutely beautiful – so you’ll be enjoying all your adventures with a view. Get on your adventure shoes, and get moving.

The Food

Costa Rica is not simply taco-central as you might think. The cuisine boasts a combination of African and Spanish flavours and is known for being fresh, flavourful and delicious. Some Costa Rican foods you won’t be able to get enough of include tres leches cakes, tamales, ceviche and Casado (a firm favourite). Costa Rican food also relies heavily on fruits and veggies, bringing freshness and leaving you feeling like a health guru extraordinaire: bonus.

The Cities

While Costa Rica might not be known for its city life, there’s nothing to complain about in that department either. San Jose, Heredia and Cartago are some of the major cities, and life there is beautiful, safe, and affordable, yet always loads of fun. Dubbed one of the safest countries in South America, Costa Rica is friendly and honest, and could be thought of as the life of the party – there’s never a dull moment or lack of a helping hand. Choosing to relocate to Costa Rica (or anywhere in the world for that matter) might feel daunting, but it might just be the thing that changes your life for the better if you’re ready to take the leap.