Best five dating apps in India for Valentine’s Day 2019

Best five dating apps in India for Valentine’s Day 2019

Valentine’s Day is coming and everyone is looking for his or her Perfect Match. Well, there are several dating applications through which one can easily get his or her Perfect Match but the question that arises is which application to choose. There are several people who surf Tech News Today to get their answers.

Here in this Tech News India article, we are going to provide you details about the best 5 dating applications in India that you can use to get your perfect match for Valentine’s Day. Along with the names here we are also giving details about them.

As per the Trending Tech News, Tinder, Hppn, Truly Madly are some of the best dating applications in India. Along with these, there is some other also which one can use to get his or her Perfect Match. Check the details.

Best five dating apps in India as per Tech News Todayfor Valentine’s Day 2019


The first application that comes in our list is tinder. It is one of the most popular dating applications in India that is very easy to use also. In order to create a profile on Tinder, all you need is a Facebook account. Furthermore designing a process in tinder application is also so easy and you can easily complete the options by choosing your gender, age, preferences about the partners you are searching for. Once your profile is completed you can log in to the application.

The best part about this application is that, to choose your partner you need to swipe Right or Left. If you do not like someone then you can easily swipe left and if you like someone in one to connect with him then you can swipe right. There is a premium version of this application also available. With the premium version, you will get the benefits of features including boost and super like. The amount to be paid for getting the premium subscription is rupees 650.


Another application that one can use to find a perfect match in India is Bumble. The best part of bumble is that in case of a hydro sexual match only the women can start a conversation and then the man will be given 24 hours to reply. This application is launched by the co-founder of tinder. Just like tinder, it is also easy to create a profile on Bumble. Matches a person has 24 hours to text another match otherwise the connection will expire. Furthermore, the other user also gets 24 hours to reply to the conversation.


Truly Madly

This application works on that trust is the Core system. Due to this feature other users with you on the basis of your interaction. This trust is the Core system is also helpful in knowing that either the profile is genuine or fake. In order to sign up at this application, you need to choose at least three hobbies of yours. And then you need to add your hobbies with hashtags. You can also add a 15-second video in your profile. In order to accept or reject the request, you can use that pic or cross options available on this application. This application provides paid services also and then the user gets the features like ad-free experience, more profile to match and others. The paid services start at 599 rupees per week. In simple words, we can say for every month the user needs to paint a subscription amount of rupees 1196.


This application helps you in connecting with the people you have crossed the path in real life. This feature only helps if both the persons are having the application in their devices. Furthermore, by detecting the location this application also let you know about the number of times you and the user crossed paths. The premium service of this application is available at the cost of rupees 790 per month.


The last application including in a list is Aisle.  If you are looking for a serious relationship other than casual relationship then you can consider this application. In order to sign up at this application, the user needs to answer some comprehensive questions.

Hence as per the Trending Tech News, these are the top 05 dating applications in India.