5 Ways Parents Can Get Back Into the Workforce

Many parents used to be gainfully employed before they had children. It can be tough juggling a little one and also having to go to work. Often it’s easier to be out of work for the first few years, until a child is a little more independent and can attend daycare. If you’re in this situation and want to make your way back into the workforce, here are some handy tips and advice to achieve your goal. 

#1 – Allocate Time To Look for Work

In order to be able to find a job, you’ll need the time to look for one. As a parent, sometimes this will require planning. You might need to get a babysitter in or ask a family member to look after your child while you go out canvassing for work or attend a job interview.

Another very convenient way you can look for work without the need for a babysitter, is to search for jobs online. Australia is home to numerous online job websites, where current positions are listed and you can apply online from home at any time of the day or night.

Some popular online job boards include:

  • CareerOne
  • Seek
  • Gumtree
  • Adzuna
  • Indeed
  • JobSearch
  • And more…

Take full advantage of these online job websites and try and line up interviews. This will save you time and having to make arrangements for someone to care for your child as often. 

#2 – The ParentsNext Program and ParentsNext Courses

ParentsNext is a program put in place by the government and administered through places such as Jobactive providers. The idea of the program is to help parents make a successful return to the workforce by offering them the assistance they need.

To be eligible for help with the ParentsNext program, individuals must have at least one child under the age of 6, be receiving the Parenting Payment from Centrelink and have been unemployed for at least 6 months or more.

Your ParentsNext administrator will meet with you first to discuss options with you and to put together a plan to help you find work. One of these options might include a free skills course offered under the ParentsNext program. Parents Next courses may include English classes for migrants, vocational training or possibly even work experience.

ParentsNext offers assistance on many levels, so it’s something to definitely consider to aid your job search efforts. 

#3 – Get Advice From other Parents

Chances are, you know someone else with a child or children who has successfully transitioned back into the workforce recently. Seek advice from other parents you know. They’ll be able to give you encouragement, moral support and possibly even some tips and ideas on how to find a job.

If you don’t know anyone in person in this situation, you could try chatting to your online contacts. You’re bound to have some Aussie connections online who are parents that have landed a job, or they will know of somebody. 

#4 – Create a Job Search Plan

Everything works better if you have a plan. Start by writing down things like your job goals, how many hours you can work, what skills and experience you have, what to include in your resume and how you’re going to go about finding the right job for you, that fits into your parenting lifestyle. Your plan will also want to include ideas for childminding, whether it be hiring a babysitter, arranging for a friend or relative to mind your child while you’re at work, or enrolling your child in daycare or an early learning centre.

Along with all of this, include things like networking offline and online, searching online job boards and which ones, and inquiring about government assistance through programs such as ParentsNext. 

#5 – Prepare for Job Interviews

Before attending any interviews, be prepared. Have your resume and any supporting paperwork like references and certificates ready to go. Think about the type of questions you may want to ask and prepare answers beforehand for questions the employer may ask you. The more prepared you are before attending an interview, the more confident you’ll be and the better chance of a successful outcome.

The Wrap

It’s more than possible to make a successful return to the workforce after having children. Make a plan, network and seek professional assistance where necessary and you’ll soon find the right job for you.