The Benefits of Office Meeting Pods for Remote Workers

A work pod is a small office space where employees can seek privacy. It is an ideal option for remote workers that need to take calls without distractions.

Remote Workers

Pods are equipped with acoustic paneling to filter out the sounds of coworkers chatting and other workplace noise. Joan analytics help companies understand how well their meeting pods are being utilized.

Improved Focus

If your team is mostly remote, giving them the tools to work in peace is important. Meeting pods and phone booths from furniture industries, like Juniper Office, are excellent choices because they block out noise and distractions while providing privacy. Consider how many pods to include if you design an office based on your team’s needs.

The benefits of working in a quiet space are well known: they can help boost productivity and reduce fatigue. However, a quiet workspace is also crucial for customer service and other types of work that require employees’ undivided attention.

In an open environment, it can be difficult to focus because of constant interruptions and the noise from coworkers’ conversations and computer keyboards. This noise can be even more disruptive during a conference call with remote team members. Acoustic office pods provide a calming space for one-on-one meetings and huddle collaboration.

The quiet phone booths also allow teammates to have difficult conversations in private, which can lead to more constructive discussions and stronger relationships at work. This is an excellent way to improve teamwork and morale. Try having your team members share their focus time goals at the beginning of the day and encourage them to block out time on their calendars for focus work. This will prevent them from being interrupted by coworkers or clients during these sessions and will make it easier for everyone to stick to their focus times.

Increased Collaboration

Pods allow teammates to collaborate on projects in private without distracting others. This will enable them to discuss ideas, solve problems, and share knowledge easily. This can lead to increased productivity and a more collaborative work environment. Having a quiet space for teamwork also prevents employees from feeling overwhelmed by the noise of an open office.

Office noise can cause sensory fatigue, making it difficult for workers to focus. This is especially true when employees experience it for eight to nine hours daily. In addition to being a major distraction, it can also affect employee well-being by increasing stress levels and causing headaches. Fortunately, noise reduction solutions like acoustic work pods can help alleviate these issues.

The type of pod you choose depends on your business needs and objectives. For example, if your company primarily uses conference rooms for meetings, invest in larger, train carriage-style pods that accommodate four or more teams. Similarly, if you need pods for team calls and huddle collaboration, consider purchasing small pods that accommodate one to three people.

Consider how much privacy you require from your office phone booths or pods. Some pods have glass walls, while others are designed with soundproof materials. Some pods also include cloaking features that let passersby see the person inside, not what they do or say.

Reduced Distractions

Distractions are a common challenge, whether it’s the chatter of colleagues, coffee machines whirring, or the clicks of keyboards across a team’s workspace. These visual and audible interruptions aren’t just annoying; they can harm employee health. Studies show that the brain requires 23 minutes to return to full focus after an interruption, and these drains on productivity add up over a day, week, or month.

Many remote employees require a quiet space with minimal distractions to meet customers. Rather than building permanent conference rooms or creating more personal offices, office pods offer a flexible and affordable solution. They can be used for one-on-one meetings, huddle collaboration, and presentations. And they can be easily moved to accommodate changing needs.

Workpods also help foster more genuine work relationships by providing teammates with acoustic spaces for tough conversations, like discussing clashing opinions or touchy interpersonal situations. This honest heart-to-heart leads to more productive outcomes and stronger work relationships.

With the vast majority of onsite meetings having four or fewer attendees, it’s no surprise that large meeting rooms are rarely utilized. They’re booked well under capacity 76% of the time, according to a 2019 study. Office pods are the perfect solution to this gap, allowing teams to create quiet, private working spaces for most onsite meetings.

Increased Productivity

In a noisy workspace, it’s difficult to maintain high levels of productivity. Noise distracts, drains energy, and leads to frustration, sickness, and lower morale. A soft pod allows employees to escape the noise, refocus, and work efficiently to achieve better results.

Pods can be installed quickly and easily in existing offices, so they don’t require the cost of a complete renovation. Pods can also be moved as office space needs change, giving workers the flexibility to have private rooms when required.

The acoustic nature of pods means they block out surrounding noise, making virtual calls sound crisp and clear. This can help employees focus on the call and their tasks without distractions. If a worker relies on calls for their work, having a pod to retreat to during an extended conference call can make all the difference in productivity.

In addition to boosting productivity, having pods available for private meetings can help promote employee well-being. Customers thrive under one-on-one attention from employees, and quiet pods create a place where clients can be given this attention with minimal distraction. This can lead to more closed sales, customer retention, and a happier, healthier workforce.