Common Reasons to Hire a Private Van

Hiring a private van is a lot like hiring a limousine, except with a greater capacity. The vehicles are classy, well-maintained, and come with experienced drivers to chauffer passengers to their destinations. Everyone has different reasons for hiring private vans. Read on to find out about a few of the most common of them below.

Transportation to the Airport for Large Groups

Some transit companies offer round-trip rides to the airport, but they don’t provide the same kind of service associated with private vans. Airport shuttles can’t always accommodate large groups, and they rarely give travelers the opportunity to travel in luxury. For large families or groups of friends who plan to travel together, it’s more sensible to hire a private van. Find information about how to make a reservation over at vaninblack.com.

Wine Tours

In areas known for their excellent wineries and vineyards, many groups of friends choose to hire luxury vans to get them from place to place. The area’s most likely to boast excellent wine tend to be rural, which means there’s always a drive between destinations or events. Hiring a chauffeur means there’s no need for anyone to miss out on wine tastings to act as a designated driver. It also eliminates potential safety and legal concerns and adds an extra level of elegance and excitement to the trip to travel in a private van with a professional chauffeur.

Wedding Transportation

Hiring drivers for weddings is a pretty commonplace practice. For those traveling in large groups, private vans are the best option. Private vans can accommodate up to 11 people, and everyone will be able to ride in comfort. Having a professional driver to bring the group to the wedding and reception then take everyone home will also alleviate stress and help to ensure that everyone has a good time.

Vacation Transportation

There are plenty of opportunities for hiring vans on vacation, especially for those with large families or friend groups. Any time the group plans to head out of town, or head out for a night on the town, the trip planner can reserve a driver to provide transportation.

Local chauffeurs are friendly, professional, and knowledgeable about their service areas. They’re also familiar with the local roads. Renting a van for the duration of the vacation is expensive, and it can pose a safety hazard for drivers who aren’t used to handling large vehicles on unfamiliar roads. Hiring a professional driver will ensure everyone’s safety and all but eliminate the stress normally associated with taking large families to see the sights.

Corporate Events

Have a business event coming up and want to make an excellent impression on clients, personnel, or partners? Hiring a luxury private van with a professional chauffeur to pick people up and bring them to the event is a great way to do so. If the guests will be coming in from out of town, event managers can arrange accommodations at an upscale hotel and hire a driver to take everyone to the meeting, retreat, fundraiser, trade show, or another corporate event.

City or Scenic Tours

There’s little sense in planning a trip to a new area without heading out to see the sights, but tour buses are often crowded and do not allow for a personalized experience. Hiring a local driver with a private van lets families and groups of friends plan their routes so no one misses their favorite attractions. Plus, groups can hire private vans to see scenic attractions, not just cities. No city tour bus offers the same level of luxury, customization, and personal attention found when visitors hire a private driver.

Pub Crawls

There are plenty of reasons for locals to hire chauffeurs with larger vehicles, too. Pub crawls provide a great opportunity for gathering with friends to visit new bars and try different brews, but not every city is uniquely accommodating. In some cities, the best pubs are spread out across the town, which makes walking from place to place all but impossible. Hiring a van prevents the need for designated drivers and lets everyone on the pub crawl travel together instead of taking separate, smaller vehicles.

Shopping Trips

Vans are versatile and feature tons of storage space, which makes them perfect for heading out on group shopping trips. Hiring a professional driver also lends a festive air to the occasion, turning what would otherwise be a routine trip to downtown or outlet stores with friends into a memorable event. Plus, there will be plenty of space for transporting everything back to shoppers’ homes or hotel rooms.

Special Occasions

Most chauffeurs have access to a range of vehicles, which means they can also accommodate smaller groups or even couples. Hiring a luxury SUV will make the same great impression as hiring a chauffeured van but at a slightly lower cost. Luxury SUVs can still accommodate multiple people, but they’re also a great option for couples heading out for date nights. Showing up with a private driver to pick up a date will make an incredible first impression.

In-State Adventures

Most private drivers won’t take clients halfway across the country, but they’ll be happy to drive groups to different areas of the state to go sightseeing or drop them off at vacation rentals within the same state. Hiring a driver lets passengers relax and enjoy the beginning of their vacation and prevents the need for either renting a vehicle or putting extra miles on each person, couple, or family’s personal vehicle. Trip planners can also make reservations in advance to pick everyone up when it’s time to head home.

The Bottom Line

There’s really no wrong reason to hire a private van, and everyone deserves to experience what it’s like to have a chauffeur for at least one day. For large families or groups of friends who all want to travel together, the hourly rates are surprisingly affordable, so it’s worth the money. Plus. no one will have to take on all the stress of getting the group from point A to point B and ensuring everyone’s safety on the road.