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After which a patient must have undergone operations such as colostomy, urostomy or ileostomy, he or she might be having difficulties in urinating and defecating because the ostomy bag is not the way its use to be and what is “ostomy”, it is the artificial  in the body , Which is connected to the organ, this is done during few operations. Now there is something called Ostomy belt which carries several benefits,  such as bringing comfort and security to the patient, so before we get into the effectiveness of the ostomy belt, let’s define the ostomy belt . Ostomy belt gives support and weight to ostomo appliances and this is attached to the stomach. The belt is made up of a soft Tricot material, that is backing the velfoam face material that is sewn to form a pocket, which holds the stomach plate. The belt is attached  to the ostomy bag , it is wrapped around the patient stomach, around the abdomen. Now you know the essence of stoma and urostomy bag belts, don’t you?

Now let’s look at the effectiveness of ostomy belt

  1. Ostomy belt provides support : The belt is uniquely made to firmly hold the pounch the body, so that patients will not feel the weight of the bag. And the way it’s made  is always very fitting, thereby providing so much comfort, so  the patient might even forget that there is something called Ostomy bag.
  1. It’s eliminate Skin Rashes: most times the Ostomy bag drags the skin , thereby causing skin reaction, and it is very important to prevent this from happening if you don’t want your skin damaged, because it will start itching and then you start scratching , so it’s better to avoid it by using the Ostomy bag.
  1. Improves ones confidence: Using of Ostomy belt does boost ones confidence level, it’s can be very difficult getting use to Ostomy bag, it is a lot and one might not be able to move around normally that is why ostomy belt is there, it will keep it as a secret for you, and you don’t have to worry about going anywhere, you will be able to deal with your day to day normal activities .
  1. It stops leakage: sometimes the bag tends to leak around the stomach , this leakage might be due to bag moving with you while you are busy with your day to to day activities ,so you need something to hold it, so that you perform well like you are use to, so you don’t need to panic you just  need to purchase the belt.
  1. It helps you be active during sex: Now you having the Ostomy bag shouldnt stop you from having a good time with your partner, so it’s okay to want to go back to your sexual life, however if you don’t take proper precautions you will experience some side effects, like erectile dysfunction or virginal dryness, so to avoid this you need to wear your Ostomy belt before your sexual activity.

Now you know the effectiveness of this wonderful piece. Got get yourself one now.