Is Happiness The After Effect Of Substance Abuse? Find Out.

Most people are addicted to substance abuse without even knowing it, and before they realize it has already gotten deep into them. If you need any necessary information concerning substance abuse, you can check Washington dc substance abuse.

Substance abuse is when you take an overdose of any type of drugs or even alcohol and any hard drug and substances like cocaine. When you use any substance more than you’re supposed to or the wrong way and not the way it was recommended then you are abusing it.

However, some people can take substances the wrong way and not have substance abuse or be addicted because substance abuse is different from addiction. People who overdose on substances are always likely to quit that behavior but addiction on the other hand is worse than abuse because when you are addicted you won’t be able to stop using the substance even though it’s causing harm to your body and health, except till you seek medical help like going to rehab.

Substance abuse can result in substance use disorder, this happens when someone takes too much alcohol or overdose on substances like drugs and it results in health complications that start affecting you in all aspects.

Different things can be the cause of substance abuse and substance use disorder, it could be peer pressure, depression, low self-esteem, anxiety, stress, or even the person’s gene.

Here are some commonly abused substances

Most people have the notion of abusing drugs to ease their self of stress and also to make them happy, then they start taking more than they are supposed to before they even realize it.

Commonly abused substances

  • Cocaine
  • Marijuana
  • Ecstasy
  • Heroin
  • Alcohol

Cocaine: these are sometimes used as stimulants for the nervous system, they are usually put in some drugs and the more someone takes it the more you would want to take more than the required dosage and get addicted. Most people are also addicted to sniffing the powder form.

Using cocaine regularly changes your mood and makes you feel happy but then it has aftermath consequences and can lead to mental illness.

Marijuana: this has lots of health complications, it can even make you forget things and also cause mental illness, though most countries have approved marijuana as a legal drug that can be easily available and used anytime.

Ecstasy: this is also called molly, it helps reduce anxiety and it’s commonly used as a stimulant, however, it also has its own side effects, you can begin to experience blurred and even involuntary clenching of your teeth.

Heroin: this is also one of the most popular abused drugs, heroin overdose can cause a decrease in breathing and can even cause as far as death.

Alcohol: this is also really commonly abused, as it is usually taken till it gets to a harmful level, most people don’t stop at just one bottle. Too much alcohol can affect your mental and physical health.

Other abused drugs are cigarettes, cannabis, tobacco, nicotine, Rohypnol, and so on.