What Should You Know About Crypto in 2023?

There are many things you can do with crypto compared to 2013, when everything started, and the primary goal of every crypto enthusiast was to mine. Mining has become much more complicated because people don’t have enough money to buy the equipment meant for it. The GPU or CPU requirements went up through the roof, so people found new ways to invest and spend cryptocurrency.

One of the ways to spend is by gambling, mostly on slots, because it is popular among streamers, but you can also check the NBA free picks if you like sports betting and try to make some profits. Even if this isn’t the best way to make money, it is entertainment, and there are a lot of players on crypto betting platforms.


From the investment side, new technologies, like the enhancement of virtual reality equipment, came into the spotlight. The latest version of the Oculus headset costs around $1500, which is still expensive for an average person. This means that it isn’t still at the point where VR is a thing we use daily.

Pros and Cons are the Same

When you look at what was happening a few years ago and today’s news, it may seem that things are far worse than before. But, the same things are pros and cons because you will still have a lot of drops and rises in the price and a lot of scammers trying to take people’s money.


You need to be careful when sharing your wallet and visit websites that offer some service where you pay with crypto. But, most investors still make the mistake of buying too late or selling too early. It’s the main thing how people lose coins, which will probably always be the issue.

There Won’t Be New Records

After an incredible 2021 and 2022 during the COVID years, Bitcoin was the leading coin to look at because of the drops in price. Besides the LUNA crash, BTC dropped from $69K to $17K in a couple of months and is still trying to recover. Everything happening on the market influences the price, especially when it comes to stable coins that shouldn’t ever change their value.


Professionals think there won’t be new records because we need new technologies that will push more people into buying crypto. This probably won’t be the case in the upcoming years because we were already introduced to many digital platforms where cryptocurrencies can be implemented. None of them made the headline.

Blockchain Is King

Most of the news that is written about crypto is related to scams that are happening each month. One of them is connected to the FTX token, which people believed because it was established by the exchange platform. This is one of the proofs that you can’t rely on anyone when it comes to crypto, and you should always keep up with the news and make moves on time.


On the other hand, blockchain technology is glowing, and many IT companies are trying to implement it daily. This will always be a fantastic opportunity for new businesses, and at some point, blockchain will be used in our daily lives.

Where Are NFTs?

It seems like NFTs died out only a year or two after the first announcement that a particular art piece was sold for 60 million dollars. But money is the only reason this was a popular topic, and after everything settled, and some people spent and others gained, it seems like the use of NFTs isn’t a great option.


At a certain point, there will be the use of NFT, especially in the music industry, where the artist will get paid a reasonable amount. Until then, most digital items can be used in virtual reality as souvenirs. When the VR area returns and people see the potential again, NFT will also rise from the mud.