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The 3 Reasons to Buy Real Estate

The 3 Reasons to Buy Real Estate

Purchasing a home is an exciting time. You get to choose just where you want to live and in what type of property. It is also a sign that you are becoming more financially aware and knowing just how to make your money work best for you. We shall consider one area that is particularly nice to live in, leaving you then to explore the best places to live in Minnesota, and also think about the other reasons why people choose real estate for their investment portfolio.

More Choice 

Choosing your own house or ranch will give you a greater choice of where to live. Factors to consider here might be how good the educational institutions are that your children will be attending locally, that is the record of success they have, and how low the crime rate is. You may want to think about how pleasant and accepting the neighbours are likely to be of someone new moving into their area. Other considerations might be the view that can be obtained from the property and how relaxing an environment it is. Some of this your real estate adviser can inform you of, the rest is a case of visiting the area and its neighbours to see for yourself.

Looking into possible areas to live has revealed that Minnesota is a particularly nice and financially stable area in which to live. So, let us explore why. In terms of work, its major industries include agriculture, bioscience, fishing, manufacturing, and mining. So, plenty of different areas for you and your children to find work, when some areas may only be known for one industry. For a claim to fame, Judy Garland of Wizard of Oz fame was born in Grand Rapids, Minnesota if you wanted to follow in her footsteps. Wearing red ruby slippers, perhaps. Another famous resident born in Minneapolis was Charles Shulz, creator of the Peanuts comic strip.  Author F Scott Fitzgerald was born in St. Paul, the capital of Minnesota. He went on to become one the 20th century’s greatest writers. So, lots of inspiration that can be gained from the region.

In terms of our earlier considerations, Minnesota offers educational institutions such as the University of Minnesota and Carleton College. This has increased the demand for all kinds of housing in the region. It is good for long-term education needs to have a university nearby. Employment rates are also high in Minnesota in relation to the areas of work mentioned, and its economy is seeing steady gains.

Pride of Ownership

Owning real estate can create a great sense of pride. A sense of having made it in the world. A sense of belonging from having settled down somewhere that has been personally chosen. People who rent properties tend to frequently move but those owning their own real estate will most often stay longer and turn their homes into something more comfortable and inviting. Something that becomes a part of them. Somewhere that their relatives can feel proud to visit. A place to add to and enhance as it is more permanent and theirs.


The investment potential of property is undeniable. Real estate has increased in value consistently and outperformed other forms of investment. The reason for this is that it is not susceptible to short-term fluctuations in the market like other forms of investments such as stocks and shares. Just as easily you can lose money as gain it with that type of investment. Real estate is a less risky form of investment that, at the same time, provides you with somewhere to live. Investing in real estate also comes with tax benefits that you can enjoy, having your money work for you even more.

So, three very good reasons to consider real estate – a choice that makes living in such favourable places as Minnesota possible, gives us a sense of pride, and provides a good investment opportunity.

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