Medical Logistics, don’t settle for ‘Mediocre’

When we think about medical logistics, we think big heavy cumbersome, expensive machinery and wonder who one might look to contact to undertake such a colossal task. 

After all, with such heavy and expensive machinery you are going to want to employ a team of people who have the correct qualifications, experience and perhaps even more important. A company that will ensure your goods are cared for and transported with the upmost of diligence.

We began to look into medical logistics only to find out that the term covers more than we had first realised as well as machinery or equipment it also covers the care and transportation of pharmaceuticals, medical and surgical supplies including other products needed to support doctors, nurses and dentists.

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Pharmaceuticals alone brings with it an additional element ‘storage whilst in transportation’. For example, with some pharmaceuticals it is imperative that they are stored at certain temperatures or packaged in a certain way during transportation. Something only a specialist is likely to be able to guarantee. 

The more we looked into specialist services we found ‘White glove services’ or ‘last mile services’ to keep popping up especially in terms of medical logistics. These are reasonably new terms of service and they came about due to an increasing demand for logistics companies that offer a ‘platinum’ level of service when it comes to care, storage, expertise, recycling, qualifications and being able to follow explicit instructions with regards handling.

On the topic of recycling…. If reducing the amount of rubbish, you create meaning less recycling needed is of interest, you may wish to take a look at this informative blog that we found. Rubbish is always rubbish, the less rubbish we have has to be better than rubbish surely?

Some keys points to consider when making your choice of specialist teams.

  • White glove services/last mile services. A must for the treatment of sensitive or highly precious goods. You can rest assured that you receive premium service with the greatest care and attention when you see these terms used.
  • Areas of expertise and equipment. Some providers are “general practitioners,” which is all right, but they do not seem to specialize in a specific field. You really want a specialist, a team of experts with experience of the equipment and type of service you require with medical equipment.
  • Level of service. For example, some companies offer supplementary services (uninstalling upon pick up and re-installing your equipment after delivery.) Leaving ready for business.
  • Accreditations. Make sure the company you consider is qualified in the field you want. For example, it may be important to you that the company is registered to work with x-ray devices or other medical equipment.
  • Coverage. Find out first of all the areas in which the company works. Some operate locally only, while others operate globally. You can save time before entering a conversation.

More information about the logistics industry is available on the website of .gov.uk, including a review of its growth in and a last mile review back in 2019.

Hopefully our findings have been of some help and aid you in the move of your equipment.