What is a Credit Attorney and Why Should I Hire One?


If you’re currently dealing with crippling debt and you have debt collectors breathing down your neck, there is a strong chance that you could use the help of a credit attorney. Credit lawyers can help you with many things related to your credit. Not only do they understand credit law and credit inside and out, but they can also help you or your business restructure itself and manage debt better. Let’s take a look at what credit attorneys do when you should consider hiring their services, and how to hire one.


What do Credit Lawyers do Exactly?

Credit lawyers will usually work as a liaison between a debtor and their creditor(s). They can work directly with the creditor, but often, they will be working with debt collection agencies.

Very few people really know what these agencies are allowed to do, and credit lawyers can help you protect your rights. They can also help remove some things from your credit report or help you find irregularities. They might notice a collection that you paid off should be removed or when a collection is there for longer than it should be, for instance.

In addition to protecting you from harassment and illegal actions from debt collectors, credit lawyers can also help you get compensation if an erroneous entry in a credit report causes damage. Getting turned down for an important business loan or mortgage because of a false entry could be grounds to sue and credit lawyers are the best equipped to prosecute credit reporting agencies and major companies.

When Should You Contact a Credit Attorney?

You should contact an attorney the minute a debt collector becomes too aggressive. If they call you in the early hours of the morning or very late at night, then there’s a chance that they’re violating the FDCPA, which is a serious offense. 

If you’re receiving repetitive calls, getting called at irregular hours, or are getting threats from collection agencies, then we suggest you speak with a team like Fair Credit. This is the only way to reliably make the calls stop and you might be able to get compensation.

You should also contact a credit attorney if you have sent letters for collection agencies to stop calling you either at home or in your place of business. They should honor formal requests to stop calling you, and if they don’t, then you could take legal action. You should also contact an attorney if you have asked for a false entry on a credit report to be removed and nothing has been done.

How to Hire a Credit Attorney

The first thing you should do when hiring credit attorneys is make sure that they’re truly credit attorneys. Going with a law firm that specializes in these cases is a good start, but you have to do research on the cases they’ve defended and look at the results. 

Once you’ve found a few suitable candidates, you can sit down with them and go over your whole situation. If they seem too optimistic or want to gloss over details, then you should move with caution. It’s better to go with someone who’s bluntly realistic and who can give you multiple different paths to a resolution.

Hiring a credit attorney could be your last chance if you’re dealing with multiple creditors and see no end in sight. They could also help you identify when creditors are acting against the law and protect your rights.