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How Technology Has Revamped The Eyewear Industry?

With smartphones getting smarter and cars going driverless, technology is changing many industries and eyewear is no exception. From the advent of clear lenses to the ability of eyeglasses to filter out bad light, everything speaks of what technology has done to the eyewear industry.

Technology for both glasses and the people

Over the past few years, technology has redefined how glasses are made and sold. With different protective lens coatings in every type of spectacles, people now have more reasons to embrace glasses. Your regular eyeglasses are not only correcting your vision, but doing a lot more than you know.

These advancements are not only for the glasses but also for the people who wear them. The technical improvements in eye tests procedures has made them safe for even 1-year olds. This allows early detection of vision problems in infants so they can be treated while there is still time.

Also, the use of virtual try-on technology on the websites, people can buy glasses online just as they would from their local eyewear store.

Advance lens coatings

High-performance lenses that serve multiple functions apart from just correcting your vision are a major milestone in the world of glasses.

Our eyes need protection from the UV light, blue light and glare to see properly. Adding the protective lens coatings on your glasses is a smart way to make sure that your eyes are safe behind your frames.

What is even more interesting is that you can have these coatings on different types of glasses. For instance, you can add an Anti-UV coating on your prescription glasses and make them safe to wear on a sunny day. Also, there is anti-glare coating to give you a comfortable night-driving experience.


Getting an upgrade on bifocals and multifocals, omnifocal lenses have the ability to change the optical power by just blinking your eye. Bifocals and varifocal glasses can be hard to get used to. But with omnifocals, you will get the same optical power over the entire lens.

They have a transparent crystal coating on their surface that is able to bend the light as it passes through the lenses. So your eyes don’t have to struggle by focusing on different areas of the lenses as they would do in case of bifocals or varifocals.

Lenses to reduce eyestrain

With the increase in time spent on digital devices, having a lens coating that protects our eyes from the high-energy blue light is nothing short of a blessing.

Blue light is extremely harmful for our eyes and retinal cells. Overexposure to this type of light increases your risk of developing age-related eye diseases such as cataracts or macular degeneration. But with blue light glasses, you have nothing to worry about. The advanced coating will filter out this light and keep eye strain from computer use at bay.

Also, you can add this coating on your regular reading glasses or spectacles and avoid discomforts associated with excessive screen usage.

Augmented reality glasses

This article is not complete if we don’t mention augmented reality eyeglasses. These are smart glasses with AR capability that will give you visuals within your sight view. You can connect your eyeglasses with your phone or any other digital device. So you can check your call logs, emails and make phone calls with your glasses. So, check your texts, take beautiful snaps and listen to your favourite playlist while improving your vision.


Customisation has become a common component in the eyewear industry thanks to the technology. There are numerous frame styles available in prescription and non-prescription lenses with different protective coatings and all of this has become possible only because of technology. You can buy prescription glasses online in different frame styles and lens coatings that are tailored to your needs.

High index lenses

If you have a high prescription, you don’t have to carry around the weight of thick lenses anymore. With the latest lens manufacturing technology, you can now buy thin lightweight lenses even if you have a high refractive error. Also, these high index lenses are better able to bend light rays so you have a better vision.

Before we go

The eyewear industry has seen tremendous growth over the past few years. The technological upgrade in lenses, frames and product delivery has made buying glasses a hassle-free experience. Whether you buy your glasses from a local eyewear store or buy them online, eyewear companies have a lot to offer these days.