How to Sell on AWS Marketplace?

The AWS Marketplace is one of the best places and has got some amazing tools that you want to launch the SaaS offering & better connect with your customers The SaaS solutions have now changed in a way several businesses operate. Right from CRM and project management and email marketing, many businesses are now making use of cloud solutions.

The AWS Marketplace enables you to sell the software to your AWS customers. This customer will run software on their own (by using AMIs & optional CloudFormation) and can offer SaaS. You may provide containers & machine learning algorithms at this AWS Marketplace. So let’s the various details on how to sell on AWS marketplace.

Advantages of the AWS Marketplace for your buyers

This marketplace offers a lot of benefits to the companies who are looking for SaaS solutions for improving business & customer relations. For this reason, launching your SaaS product in such an environment can help you to reach more and more clients. The AWS Marketplace makes it very simple to manage various subscriptions & service providers at one place that improves their satisfaction with services as well as improves the relationships with the AWS customers.

Flexible Costing Options 

Products that are sold as the AMIs by AWS Marketplace will be billed on an hourly and monthly basis and allowing the vendors to avoid any need of developing the software deployment system & billing the infrastructure. Whereas we chose monthly billing choice for the Cloud Protection Manager, lots of other products, like Big Data apps that create the computational workloads, mainly prefer the hourly-based costing. In such cases, the customers will be charged as per the type & number of the instances that are used.

The AWS Marketplace allows the buyers to browse as well as filter for the right SaaS software solution as well as launch the applications. When they have decided on the solution, they will get this directly through this seller whereas managing all the SaaS products in the AWS. They do not need to worry about paying the multiple providers, as subscription costs will be managed by AWS.

Build Marketplace strategy

The SaaS Contracts through AWS Marketplace enables the automated & accelerated purchasing procedure for the AWS customers & expediting the time-to-value. The public listing is good for your customers. But, to support the enterprise customers, you must offer them the custom offer by the Marketplace and stay more available in the terms of procurement. So, vendors cannot just use the AWS Marketplace to avoid any hassle or costs associated with such activities, however, their customers experience the easy and smooth billing procedure that they are familiar with.

Delivery & Usage Reports 

The AWS Marketplace has got the mechanism that will ensure that employees of the companies, which are subscribed to the listed product will use this all along with AWS cloud. Suppose they wish to unsubscribe, then instances have to get terminated. The AWS Marketplace offers automatic reports, which indicate many customers subscribed.

How does AWS Marketplace work?

Your customers need to pick the preconfigured software, which they want to buy, and launch it immediately by making use of 1-Click Deployment, which provides a similar experience like 1-Click Ordering accessible just to users on Amazon. (When any customers prefer, they can skip this 1-click installation and develop their software by using their tools.) Purchases are through Amazon Machine Image or SaaS.

The Amazon Machine Images can be achieved straight from AWS, can be created and shared through different communities, and bought from your vendors through AWS Marketplace.

Final words 

Suppose you plan to sell your product to AWS customers, then you may leverage a partnership with AWS just by using AWS Marketplace as the customer acquisition channel.