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Discover the Role of Canopy Tents in the Life of Students on Campus

The COVID-19 global pandemic had impacted college campuses everywhere across the globe in spring 2020, compelling schools and colleges into intervention mode. Thanks to the social distancing and home quarantine dictates, many students were sent back home and colleges were forced to shift classes online. With over a year into the coronavirus pandemic, these fall colleges are better equipped to manage COVID concerns. According to the U.S. News, the authorities have greater clarity on ways to balance COVID-19 precautions and student expectations. Thanks to the nationwide vaccination drive in the United States, colleges and students are hoping to go back to the pre-pandemic days very soon.

A Campus Essential during COVID-19 Times 

For promoting overall health and safety higher education institutions in the United States had to redesign dining halls, residence halls, and even classrooms. Authorities are focusing on navigating their colleges successfully through this critical situation and making concerted efforts to effectively maintain a safe and healthy environment for faculty and students. As such canopy tents have emerged as a perfect solution for expanding classrooms and dining areas for safeguarding students from the deadly coronavirus. Purdue has planned to use tents for all its ‘grab & go’ foodservice spaces. Emory University has decided to expand its existing dining halls using canopy tents. Meanwhile, Stanford University has been seriously thinking in terms of conducting classrooms in outdoor canopy tents.

Best for Outdoor Classrooms

Most of you could never have imagined that canopy tents will ever be used as classrooms in some of the reputed American college campuses. However, during the current unfortunate unprecedented crisis, it makes good sense to fall back on canopy tents for promoting social distancing. Most classrooms are quite compact and the seating arrangement is bolted firmly to the ground. Hence, seats cannot be shifted or moved around to follow social distancing dictates. It seems practically impossible to maintain social distancing in a typical or conventional college room scenario. As such, outdoor 10×10 canopy tents are best for delivering social distancing norms and promoting a safe and healthy environment for faculty and students on campus.

Great for Intramural Sports

College campuses could be great fun but the food here is certainly carb-heavy and even college drinking could take its toll on your fit and healthy body. With so many calories consumed every day, it may become increasingly difficult to stay active or maintain physical fitness and ideal body weight. For getting rid of weight gain and staying fit and happy, you may consider joining intramural teams. Remember that intramural sports could be a welcome change from sitting in front of your computer screen for endless hours at the library. You may organize instant canopy tents for scorekeepers, administrators, and refs.


Canopy tents are of great use for weekend trips. It is a wonderful idea to go out with your friends over the weekend for a change of scene. Pursuing higher studies could be stressful and students are under tremendous pressure to perform. Traveling could prove to be a stress buster for young scholars. You may use versatile and portable canopy tents that are 10X10 for your weekend camping trips. Canopy tents are also, ideal for student organization promotions.