Importance of Taking Action Against the Negligent Company for Paraquat Exposure


In the US, Syngenta is a large paraquat manufacturer. Other, lesser-known companies manufacture this insecticide as well. It’s possible that the Paraquat you use was manufactured elsewhere and brought into the country. Some brand names for Paraquat used in the US include Devour, Firestorm, Bonfire Herbicide, etc. When agricultural workers are exposed to Paraquat for a long time, their chances of getting Parkinson’s disease rise by 250%. Considering this, agriculture workers should pay close attention to their health as they have a high chance of getting Parkinson’s disease. If you have already been diagnosed with this condition due to the use of Paraquat at work, you should contact a lawyer immediately. The lawyers can assist you in getting you or your loved one the financial recompense they are due from the accountable manufacturers. Consult an experienced lawyer to find out more about paraquat compensation amounts

There are various reasons why it is important to take action against the negligent company for parquet exposure by filing a lawsuit.

Creating Awareness

A lawsuit filed against the manufacturers will be a warning to other companies as well that they should inform the consumers about the risks associated with the use of their products. Customers have a right to know about any known risks and hazards associated with a product’s manufacture. Paraquat producers, for instance, failed to warn consumers about the dangers, potentially putting the lives of anyone who is exposed to Paraquat for a longer period in danger. Parkinson’s disease patients, including crop dusters and pesticide applicators, have now begun to file product liability lawsuits stating that the manufacturers misrepresented Paraquat’s safety, ignored potential paraquat concerns carelessly, and did not undertake enough studies into the potential health risks it poses. Despite being a highly dangerous substance for people, Paraquat’s manufacturers neglected to inform consumers of the risks associated with exposure. 

Holding Negligent Parties Accountable

Taking action against the negligent company for paraquat exposure will hold it accountable for the disease. The use of Paraquat is anticipated to increase in the next years as a result of weeds becoming more resilient to glyphosate, a dangerous herbicide marketed under the trade name Roundup. Parkinson’s disease has a causative relationship with paraquat exposure. Therefore, this will undoubtedly lead to an increase in cases. The risk of Parkinson’s disease is increased by 75% by paraquat exposure, whether it occurs at work or near your house, according to a medical study. 

Seeking Compensation

If you or someone you know has been exposed to a hazardous product, acting against the negligent company will help you to get the money you are due from the accountable manufacturers. It’s important to realize that even if a family member hasn’t used Paraquat personally but has lived close to an agricultural community that has, you can still seek compensation on their behalf.

Parkinson’s disease is currently diagnosed in 60,000 Americans annually, but as the side effects of Paraquat are widely exposed, it is predicted that this number will dramatically increase. It is important to know there are experienced paraquat lawsuit lawyers who can help their clients win financial compensation for not only covering the current medical costs but the future ones as well.