How Escape Rooms Help In Team Building?

How Escape Rooms Help In Team Building?

Escape rooms have been around since 2010, but they’ve lately become more popular as a result of the pandemic, when everyone started looking for things to do on the internet. An escape room is a real-life adventure simulation game that lasts 60 minutes and its main goal is to get out within that time restriction.

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There are several advantages to entering an escape room! Since its introduction as a getaway for a group of friends it has grown in popularity and is now frequently used as a corporate event due to its low costs and excellent experience for those daring enough to participate!

A True Leader Is Made

They say that leaders aren’t born, they’re made, and escape rooms are fantastic stages to bring out those natural leaders within your team. From the nerve-wracking pressure, to making tough calls, someone has to step up and will prove them worthy as the leader of the team or even as the new Sherlock Holmes! 

The mechanics of the room require someone to call the shots of what to do, where to go, and manage the team. So, let’s say you have someone that you think is a potential leader and has a lot of initiative, but is reserved in the working environment, then maybe they’re calling it inside an escape room.

Teamwork makes the dream work

An escape room is designed to be solved as a team, which forces the players to work together in order for them to work through the various puzzles, obstacles, and challenges they will encounter within an escape room. Several puzzles need a couple of hands working together for it to be solved. 

Through this, communication skills are heightened since players are required to discuss what to do next for them to get out, but also other social skills are manifested that are important in the workplace to get more tasks done. This is another factor on why escape rooms are good for team building activities. It tests a lot of factors for a team, especially they’re time management skills since they’re only given 60 minutes to figure out how to escape, they’re going to be as productive as they can be within the time limit.

Everyone contributes

A team building’s main purpose is, well, to be a better team. An escape room provides many opportunities that tests several characteristics of a team with one of them being able to compromise and be flexible. As an escape room is designed for a group of people to beat, everyone shares their own ideas and discussions are made on the spot, so any team must decide and analyze quickly. Who knows maybe that member on the team has the game-changing plan in mind? This encourages both active and passive listening, which is a great characteristic for anyone working in a team.

Escape rooms have a lot more benefits. Studies have shown that solving puzzles together or getting over obstacles as a team is a great way to destress and improve everyone’s general mood! The general design and purpose of escape rooms are made for anyone that is brave enough to enter to contribute their own set of skills and ideas and enforcing teamwork which makes escape rooms a really great destination for your next team building event!

Weaknesses and strengths are acknowledged within escape rooms, so you and your team know where to start fixing this and can cover for each other’s shortcomings and bask in the camaraderie of a new spirited team, you learn who you can count on when it comes to different things and can support other members of the team. 

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