Exante’s services for Family Offices

For those not in the know, a family office is a private wealth management advisory firm that specialises in serving ultra-high-net-worthindividuals (HNWI). They differ from traditional wealth management firms in that they offer a total solution to managing the financial investment and financial needs of a rich individual or family. Some unique services include budgeting, insurance, wealth transfer planning, tax services and more. For people looking to find a worthy investment firm that caters to their specific needs, no look further than Exante. 

Exante’s background

Exante is a global trading platform geared toward professional traders. They are based in Europe and have offices in Malta, Cyprus, Hong Kong, and London, and are regulated in all locations. Established in 2011 by founders Anatoly Knyazev Exante, Alexey Kirienko and GatisEglitis, they boast over 600,000 instruments that traders can access directly in their multi-currency accounts. 

Exante’s Family Offices account

Exanteoffers accounts and services specifically geared towards family offices. This means users can access new classes of assets and make private equity deals. They can tap into a variety of financial instruments such as stocks, currencies, bonds, funds, and precious metals, to name a few. There are even derivatives to choose from, such as options and futures. Exante further provides IT front and back-office support to ensure fast operations and reporting for clients. 

When it comes to the specific accounts Exante provides, there are a few things that stand out. The first is their live account’s easy asset transfer. This means users can transfer any stocks and bonds to Exante’s custody. According to Exante’s official website, the firm also offers highly competitive custody fees. There is also fast order routing to over 50 global exchanges, with no re-quoting or slippage, thanks to Exante’s ultra-low latency and fast execution of trades. 

Exante further provides users with a multi-account structure. This means you can manage multiple sub-accounts under a single master account. The multi-account manager (MAM) module also allows users to allocate deals to an unlimited number of accounts, all in a single click. This makes Exanteincredibly efficient and convenient for traders. 

For those worried about their assets, there is no need to fear. Exantenot only allows you to trade assets between multiple accounts, but they also enable margin trading for all types of assets. Exante further prides itself on providing transparent and predictable costs to clients. Additionally, as Exante is an EU-based investment firm, they are regulated in accordance with MiFID II. This means the firm separates its assets from the client’sassets. They further safeguard the latter on segregated accounts in major banks, so investors can breathe a sigh of relief knowing their assets are being protected. 

Clients also have the option of leveragingtheir classic and digital assets for cash. That said, this option is only available after a risk review.

Personal approach

One thing that makes Exante stand out from its competitors is its personal approach when working with customers. Instead of leaving customers to figure things out themselves, the company allocates a dedicated account manager to every single customer. This manager will help to guide you through Exante’s trading platform, as well as help with any over-the-counter (OTC) deals and other issues that may come up when trading. This is fantastic for traders who may not be entirely confident or are completely new to trading or just need help understanding the platform’s interface. Exante also encourages personal communication with its clients, and this also includes face-to-face meetings wherever possible around the world. Traders can relax knowing they are well taken care of. 

Proven track record

Exante has been in the financial sector for a long time. In fact, they have over a decade of experience assisting customers to come up with tailored and personalised solutions. The firm also provides direct market access to over 50 global exchanges. Exante also has dedicated financial services to its global clientele. 

Bond screener

When it comes to bonds, Exante has a lot of features to offer. Namely, investors can gain access to high-yield private placement bonds, margin trading, and hedging. Some of the top-tier bonds an investor can trade include US Corporate/Government, European Corporate/Government, Euronext Bonds, and Emerging markets, to name a few. Exante will even go the extra mile to add more offerings from exotic markets upon request. 

Exante’s bond screener tool is incredibly powerful and robust and allows users to find bonds and filter them by several parameters all at once. The tool can help you quickly find a specific bond by its ticker, description, or ISIN, and it can even screen up to 300 bonds in the same window. If you have found too many bonds, a hint will suggest you narrow down your search criteria. 

The bond screener further allows investors to customise their search results. There are more than 30 different criteria that can be displayed, such as Quote time, Daily volume, Maturity date, Status, and more. Traders can then add the bonds to the Watchlists panel to follow their price development or contact their Account Manager if they wish to make a purchase. 

For operational flexibility, Exante also performs an individual risk assessment on its clients. Based on the results, they may also provide financing equivalent to an open-date repo with variable interests for borrowed cash. Traders can find interest rates for negative cash in their account cabinets. 


Exante surprisingly provides support and integrations for technology, such as Excel. In fact, no programming skills are needed – which is great for non-coders. Exante’s Excel integration allows users to generate custom reports, and leverage Excel’s built-in capabilities to analyse large amounts of market data. Traders can also use this integration to develop and test pioneering strategies against the live market, so they can continue to level up their trading skills. The integration also lets users access accounts, check quotes, and manage executions directly in Microsoft’s software package.More tech-savvy userscan use this integration to create and apply algorithms of unrestrained complexity as a way to streamline the trading experience. 

Customer support

Aside from providing tailored and bespoke solutions, another important aspect of Exante is its customer support. Exante prides itself on providing multi-language customer care 24/7, with its team being available around the clock for any type of questions and issues. They can also be contacted via phone, email, or chat. Language support that Exante provides includes English, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and more. Exante’s website also guarantees a response from the support team within three minutes of receiving the receipt of a user’s request. 

Direct market access

Exante is proud to provide direct market access to over 600,000 financial instruments in over 50 global venues. This includes markets such as the US, EU, Asia, and Australia. With Exante’s direct market access solution, traders can place orders directly on an exchange, anytime, anywhere, and always have them executed at the best possible price. Exante’s trading platform also allows traders to see the big picture of the market prices through its Chart, so that traders can make better data-driven financial decisions when trading. 

As Exante states, ordering routing through the company is incredibly easy and straightforward. One just needs to submit an order through Exante’s trading platform, and then the order is immediately directed to an exchange. If the order ends up being accepted, it is then placed and filled at the exchange without any interference on the client’s side.