Solved: What is Chime Direct Deposits Limit?

Are your Direct Deposits taking much time? Switch to Chime!

Chime virtual bank ensures instant transfers. It sends a word whenever a direct deposit arrives.

The Chime Direct Deposits also have a limit.

Direct Deposits allow you to deposit funds directly to the bank account, but these deposits are sometimes delayed due to holidays or weekends. Nevertheless, Chime always has an answer to every question. The blog will give a piece of detailed information about Chime Direct Deposits. It will also help you know about Chime Direct Deposits limits.

Let us begin!

Working of Chime Direct Deposits

Now, let us learn how to begin working with Chime Direct Deposits.

Sign up for Direct Deposits

The first step to begin with direct deposits is to sign up to Chime. However, if you have an account, just log in and start with the process. To sign up to Chime, you need your name, Social Security Number(SSN), and Email. Now you can share your Account number and the routing number present in the Move Money Tab with the employer. Your account is all set to receive direct deposits. You can also hold your deposits by providing Chime’s FDIC Insured Partner banks.


Chime Direct Deposit works just like any other bank’s Direct Deposits. Before reaching your bank, the Direct Deposits pass through a series of processing. The process has to be done as it is a compulsory procedure. Chime has no right to interfere in the process. Hence, Chime notifies you only when the direct deposits reach the bank after completing the process.

Time taken by Direct Deposits

The time taken by Direct Deposits depends entirely on the processing period. Chime informs you at the same moment when it receives the deposit.

Chime Direct Deposits Limit

Chime allows a maximum of three deposits per day. The direct deposit limit is $1000 per day and $10,000 per month. Deposits are also made through third-party sources. If you use a third-party money transfer to add funds to your account, they will impose their terms and conditions. You cannot violate their limitations and have to pay the fees charged by them.

Effect of holidays on Direct Deposits

Deposits tend to set back due to the holidays observed by the Chime Bank. The Chime Bank is non-working during federal and bank holidays. These include New Year’s Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, and so on. The complete list of Chime’s holidays can be found on the Chime official website.


Chime Direct Deposits quickens your payments and help you save a lot of time. You can also avail Chime Spotme Services by keeping a regularity in Direct deposits. Chime Direct Deposits also give you the advantage of receiving your payments two days earlier than other banks.

However, these deposits also have a limit. The Chime Direct Deposit limits cannot be tampered with. But, you should maintain a better account history to avail the extra benefits. Chime keeps an eye on your transactions and rewards you from time to time to encourage continuous working on the account. Chime Direct Deposits are faster than other banks, but they too are affected by federal and bank holidays. Still, Chime is always at the topmost position among other neobanks.