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Can A Gun Holster Be A Fashion Accessory?

I’m writing this about something controversial that’s unusual and potentially questionable about wearing holsters rigs like cool fashion wise or it’s just offensive. I’m going to write my view about it a little bit and kind of like what I think of these statistics where I’ve seen inspiration and other brands that I think do stuff or pull in a similar way to like clothing or fashion accessories. I figured you should go and buy a gun holster from online shops like We the People Holsters for around $30 and recreate or is just an aggressive usage of an object that is supposed to carry guidance. It’s the aesthetics of it, but it stands out to me because it’s something you can do with an outfit like t-shirts and jeans.

It’s got pockets, should carry small things like a smartphone etc. and it’s something that I can wear in the summertime. Even though it aesthetically makes it look cool, I mean it also came in nylon material that I want holstered in my back.

Below are some ideas to carry a gun holster as a fashion accessory:

Couple with a dress shirt

Only by putting a corset-like holster over it, you can take your traditional white button-down shirt from simple to wow. This piece is fitted and supported, giving the structure of your overall ensemble. Style for a softer, laidback look with leggings and a cool bag with hardware that mimics the edgy qualities of a holster. Complete with kitten heel pumps, two-toned.

Add a Blazer Over

Wear your holster front and center over your blazer while you’re feeling bold. Only warming up against the trend? Style it over a turtleneck bodysuit beneath your blazer. For that unexpected accessory look, the holster will peek out from your blazer, but will not draw the full attention of HR. Brighten up your outfit via a bag or shoe with pops of yellow at work.

Wear a maxi dress

Using a leather belt holster to cinch a maxi dress for casual Fridays or off-duty attire. In this item, the leather against the spotted design provides a cool, stark contrast. Who knew the brace in your wardrobe was essentially the edgier belt that you needed? Complete with sandals, white purse, and a simple bracelet with a gold chain.

Style With a Skirt Matching

For a look that is cohesive and fashion forward, pair your holster with a skirt. Some of the neutral-tone monotony is broken up by a floral top and the outfit adds a feminine vibe. Using a blue bag and blue mules to put it together.

Pantsuit Add to a Pantsuit

A buttoned-up pantsuit will provide the immediate professional lift with an edgy holster. Walk into the office in this outfit on Monday morning and you’ll be ready with confidence to tackle the broad presentation. Stand tall in a pair of comfortable mule heels to let the holster do the talking and keep the jewellery plain.

Final Words

Lots of married ladies and husbands, some without, decide when their husband is not home, they need to be able to do something, and that needs a gun different from what their husband had. And with that distinct firearm, they also want various accessories. So, yeah definitely a gun holster could be or should be a fashion accessory, maybe a perfect substitute for peoples.