Perfect Answer For – Why Should We Hire You

Each job interview is a new opportunity and experience since you apply to a different organization and often for a different position. However, there are certain questions which will be posed to you no matter which role or industry you belong to. One of the most common such questions is, “Why should we hire you?”

Even though it might appear to be a mundane question asked by every interviewer, you must answer this with great care. This is basically your sales pitch and the opportunity to tell the interviewer why you are a better choice than all others.

The answer to ‘why should we hire you” shouldn’t be a casual one like “I have the right qualifications and I would love to work for your organization.” Your answer has to be unique and impactful enough to make you stand out of the crowd. At the same time, you shouldn’t come across as arrogant or boastful.

Here are some of the best examples to give you an idea of the kind of answer that would help you secure the job:

Example 1 (customer care profile)

I’m glad you asked this question! You have a position of advantage over me since you know precisely what you are looking for, I am still learning about your organization. What I’ve learned so far is that you are keen to hire a person who can quickly and effectively manage customer concerns. Am I right?”

Assuming the interviewer would agree, you would further add, “In that case, let me share with you an incident wherein I was tasked with handling a serious customer escalation, and I managed to resolve the issue promptly without losing the customer or letting the issue hurt my employer’s goodwill.”

Example 2 (marketing profile)

Thank you for asking this critical question! As I have come to know, you are looking at a skilled and experienced marketer with good communication abilities to help your business gain competitive advantage in the market. In my last job, I had helped my employers increase their revenue generation by 34% through targeted social media advertising. I have demonstrated marketing innovation and entrepreneurial spirit to drive business growth and now I will channel my expertise to help your company succeed better and faster. “

Example 3 (Web designing profile)

Since you are looking for a competent person to maintain and enhance your website, my set of skills and experience is an ideal proposition for the role. In my last organization, I spearheaded the design, development and maintenance of the website and all content updates for 4 years. I was responsible for holistic website management including employee profiles, database management and posting information about news and upcoming events. The experience of handling such a dynamic website will help me deliver a great performance in this role.”

There is a vast range of job profiles in the world of business today, and each role would require a different response which is tailored to address the need. However, what the above examples are intended to convey is that as long as you can crisply and clearly communicate to the interviewer how you have handled similar responsibilities with success in the past, you will stand a better chance of getting the job.

Response to ‘why should we hire you’ is an opportunity to make an impactful self-introduction. Alongside succinctly talking about your past achievements, you must also let the interviewer know subtly that you have always upheld the professional ethics required.

Thus, a good answer to this question would make any hiring manager think favourably of your candidature!