Brand Ambassador Event Staffing : Why You Need a Brand Ambassador

The word brand has its origins in the practice of placing a mark or a seal on a property to show ownership of that property. It also indicated who the owner of the said property was, thus brands were always unique to an individual or organization. The idea was to prevent any form of dispute arising as a result of contention of ownership.

Today, things have obviously evolved such that brands are no longer only just about indicating ownership, rather, it also shows what the owner or owners are about and what they stand for. Again, most organizations or businesses perform or offer more than just one duty or service, for this reason, there is always that attempt to put a face to what they are about. This is why we have brand ambassadors.

Who Is a Brand Ambassador? 

This is a person engaged by an organization to be a representative or an embodiment of the values of the organization and present them in a good light. Another aim of this engagement is to increase awareness about the brand and the services that they offer. You can read more about this here.

Duties Of a Brand Ambassador

It used to be that people who were engaged to serve as brand ambassadors had to be a person with a large following or celebrities. The idea was that the influence or followership that such a person had would rob and influence their followers or fans to subscribe to whatever service or goods that the organization was offering.

Today, however, things have changed a bit in that anyone who can meet certain needs or offer some perspective to an organization’s endeavor or structure can be made a brand ambassador. The following are some of the duties of a brand ambassador:

Create Awareness About the Organization

This is the primary reason why a brand ambassador is engaged and is given a platform. This platform is now used to make the public aware of the presence of an organization or business, what they are into, their products or services and all the other things that the organization is about. 

Inform The Public

Another duty is to inform and update the public on the developments in the organization in terms of services, products, or program. This would be done through social media and every other medium possible to deliver the organization’s message. This way, the public is in step with the agenda of the organization. 

Present The Brand In Good Light

Every organization needs to always be seen in a good light; this is the reason for advertisements. Yet, another way to go about this is to engage a brand ambassador who becomes the epitome of all your organization wants to be portrayed as. However, in this case, the brand ambassador has a major duty to achieve here as such a one would be expected to not do anything that will endanger the organization.

Qualities Of a Good Brand Ambassador

An Understanding of Marketing

Generally, it is expected that the person who is to be engaged for this position has a certain appreciation for marketing. This is simply because it is expected that the person is able to influence or boost the appeal of the organization. It is also expected that such a person has a certain literacy level, at least a high school diploma, though some organizations would expect or demand for more. However, whatever the case may be, it is expected that the individual is able to function in that capacity.

Should Have Online Presence

One quality that an aspiring brand ambassador must have is a good social media presence and this is because we live in the age of social media. Another reason why you should have a good online presence is that it shows that you have a direct audience that you can reach or communicate with.

Should Be Professional

Another necessary quality is the ability to be professional in your general attitude. This is because you now represent an organization and any action you take is the action of the organization. You can find out more at https://www.indeed.com/career-advice/career-development/successful-characteristics-brand-ambassador 

Why Your Organization Needs Brand Ambassadors

You might believe (and many are) that your business or organization has no need for brand ambassadors. Well, this is usually the assumption of many until they see reason. The following are some of the reasons why you need them.

The Market Is Competitive

The market today is very competitive, and your potential customers have more options on their hands than at any other time in history. For this reason, you need a direct line of communication from you (your business or organization) to them (the customers).

Helps With Micro Advertisement 

Now, the big companies can hire the big guns available and buy ads and so on, which you cannot. What do you do to equalize the scale? Hire brand ambassadors! They are very good at micro advertisements with promos sometimes done that promote and demonstrate advantages a product has over another and therefore, have direct interaction with customers.

Engaging A Brand Ambassador

There are two options here on how to do this which is either going by yourself or through your organizations’ HR department. You can also engage an agency for a brand ambassador for event staffing to do the recruitment for you. However, be careful to engage an efficient and trustworthy person to play this role and you will be glad you did.


It takes being heard to be seen or people might not know that you exist. No matter how good a company or organization is, if they are not seen or heard, then no one will patronize them.

This is the reason why people go for brand ambassadors. They ensure that your organization gets to be seen and heard.