Barney Personal Injury Law Assistance after Auto Accidents

Have you recently been a victim of an auto accident? Coping with the aftermath of a severe car crash can be challenging, as victims often miss time from work, and their medical bills keep on piling up. 

Professional legal assistance is crucial in such scenarios, as personal injury attorneys make sure their clients receive full financial compensation. There are numerous personal injury lawyers, like Barney Personal Injury Law, getting the best possible outcome for every case.

Learn more about their assistance in auto accident cases.

What steps to take after a traffic collision?

The primary step to take following a traffic collision is getting medical attention. All injuries sustained from auto accidents must be evaluated by a physician who is fully licensed. Whiplash injuries and concussions have a delayed onset, meaning victims might not realize how badly they are injured for days or weeks following the crash.

Unless you have seen a physician, you won’t be able to receive compensation for the sustained pain and injuries. Motor vehicle accidents have to be reported to the authorities, particularly if the individuals involved in the incident are injured. An officer should be sent to the scene to control it and have the crash documented, particularly if the accident occurred due to the negligent conduct of another driver. 

Obtaining evidence is the following step to take, and victims are recommended to secure enough relevant evidence at the scene. They should exchange information with every person involved in the accident, including contact information, names, numbers of driving licenses, vehicle models, license plates, information on insurance, etc. Photographs of the crash should be taken as well, along with witnesses’ contact information.

The ultimate step is to get in touch with a lawyer. In case you or a person you love sustained an injury in a traffic collision, you should contact a professional personal injury attorney prior to providing a statement to the insurer. This professional will protect your interests and rights when going up against insurance companies. Find out more about the role of a personal injury lawyer. 

According to the laws of Virginia, an auto accident lawsuit has to be filed within a two-year period of the traffic collision’s date. Not taking any legal action before limitations expire might lead to having your claim barred. 

How to prove auto accident liability?

In order to hold another party liable for your car accident, you have to prove they were at fault for the incident. In the state of Virginia, the basis of such fault is negligence. Drivers are obliged to adhere to local and state traffic regulations while operating their vehicles in a safe manner. Whenever carelessness or recklessness leads to a crash, negligent drivers are held responsible for the damages. 

Moreover, driver negligence scenarios include drunk driving, distracted driving, running stop signs, over speeding, running red lights, texting while driving, drugged driving, unsafe lane changes, etc. It’s worth mentioning that motorists in the state of Virginia can buy add-on no- fault insurance, known as PIP (Personal Injury Protection) coverage. Those who have such a policy can turn to it after an auto accident. 

Victims who have sustained injuries in a traffic collision can recover through their policy irrespective of the person held responsible for the crash. The limits of PIP coverage are usually modest, but you can step out of the coverage by filing a claim directly at the driver at fault. The following link, https://www.investopedia.com/terms/p/personal-injury-protection-pip.asp, provides a definition of personal injury protection.

How can an attorney assist you?

Hiring a lawyer is considered essential in auto accident cases to protect the interests and rights of victims when filing claims at insurance companies. The goal of these corporations is only to earn profits and protect their earnings. Nevertheless, an experienced attorney would first conduct a free, detailed review of your case, followed by answering your questions. 

Furthermore, this professional will investigate the crash to obtain material evidence and gather all the necessary medical records and documents. Your attorney will also handle correspondence with insurance companies and make preparations for litigation if necessary. 

A final note

Hiring such an attorney is a must for victims of auto accidents!