4 Best Rolex Watches To Focus Your Attention

There is no doubt that Rolex has been on top of the game for quite a while. They are still doing their best to provide everyone with the best timepieces known in the history of humankind. If you are working on buying a new watch, make sure to add Rolex to your choices, you will not regret investing your time to look them up.


Many people disagree with this because the price of a Rolex watch is absurd for them. But when you consider all the unique features and specs a Rolex watch has and understand and admire them, you will not feel that way. Those people don’t know what greatness means. Here are some of the remarkable models that they have made so far.

1. Rolex Men’s Day-Date President Yellow Gold Custom Diamond Bezel & Blue Diamond Dial

The Rolex Men’s Day-Date President Yellow Gold Custom Diamond Bezel & Blue Diamond Dial is the most unique of all Rolex Watches, and it sends off a classy aura. With all the fantastic features that this specific wristwatch has, there will be no doubt that this will come with a very hefty price range, which could cause a small problem for some of you.


The Men’s Day-Date President yellow gold has an amount ranging from about $16,000 to $20,000. You will need to slow down on those other expenses. This timepiece has a blue colored dial paired with an 18k yellow gold bezel, bracelet, and casing. But what stands out the most is all the diamonds embedded in this piece that makes it a work of art.

2. Rolex Men’s Black Daytona Ceramic 40mm Luxury Watches

The Rolex Men’s Black Daytona Ceramic 40mm is a highly polished and stylish looking wristwatch onto the next and most expensive one on this list. It is made with an elegant looking leather strap mostly made from an Alligator or Crocodile skin. The color combination of black and brown hits the spot when it comes to its smoothness.


It carries on its back a price range of about $50,000 up to a thumping $70,000. The Rolex Men’s Black Daytona Ceramic 40mm is an expensive timepiece with an automatic movement and Gold and Ceramic pure stainless steel casing. It has an 18k gold used to make this watch, and the round face gives off that classic look.

3. Rolex Submariner Custom Ceramic Blue 116610 Luxury Watch

Next, we have the Rolex Submariner Custom Ceramic Blue 116610. It is the cheapest and most affordable one on this list. But considering that it is one of Rolex’s masterpieces and has tons of exquisite features, and the design is just stunning, it still is priced very high for a timepiece. It is the cheapest on this list but not in the whole world.


The Rolex Submariner Custom Ceramic Blue 116610 is still a very pricey watch with a price range of about $13,000 up to $14,000, but where would you find a much cheaper limited edition Rolex watch out there? Everything is just great with an oyster with a Glidelock Clasp bracelet, an automatic movement, and the 31 jewels that are embedded is a win!

4. Rolex GMT-Master II Pepsi Custom Ceramic Meteorite 116710 Luxury Watch

Finally, introducing the Rolex GMT-Master II Pepsi Custom Ceramic Meteorite 116710, everything feels like it was made from outside our universe. That’s where the motif came from anyway. With this watch, you will feel wealthy and content at the same time. This is a timepiece made with love, integrity, talent, and of course, pure skills! 


It’s true that this also comes with a high price amounting from $14,000 up to $15,000. Still, with everything that this watch has to offer, it is truly a worthy buy, made purely from a stainless steel case, a custom-made ceramic meteorite dial, and the ceramic blue or red bezel has made this piece a very classy and good looking one. Everything is just great!


Rolex has been making tons of unique new products year by year, but even though they have been making this over and over again, they never get tired of creating new ones for their customers. That is why all of the Rolex timepieces are one of a kind and fabulous as ever. They would not stop anytime soon.


Here are just some of the tremendous things that they created. If you happen not to like any of them, that’s alright! You will still be able to see more models and designs on different sites. Maybe they have precisely the thing that you want.