Everybody once to look good, we all want to have good shape, that is why some people indulge in eating good and doing exercises so as to stay healthy, stay fit  and have very nice shape but not everyone has that body that goes along well with just good food and exercise and resulting into a good shape, that is why these kind people do what is called “liposuction”, it is removing of fat from unwanted areas of the body that doesn’t respond to diet and exercise to the preferred area of the body.

Now bear in mind that liposuction is not an overall body treatment for obesity, most times the aim is suit for those that want to contour their body and most importantly after which the procedure of this surgery is done, if the patient doesn’t eat healthy it could bring a lot of risk.

Now are there side effects to this? YES, as a patient you need to have discussed the pros and cons with your doctor before he/ she proceeds so as to know if it is something you can deal with. Some people are wowed by the finishing they get after the surgery and forget that it’s not permanent and they also forget the expectations that come with it.

With the constant pressure to look your best, and  some people are willing to go out busting sweat, now one thing that is keynote is Liposuction is painful not during the procedure but after the procedure, like two to four days.

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Now here are some side effects before you go under the needle and knife.

  1. kidney heart and lungs problems: Now during the surgical procedures, there was a lot of drastic change in the fluid level which could bring so many problems to the kidney,heart and lungs.
  2. Skin Infections: There is a high risk of coming in contact with skin infections during surgical Procedures which could even result in skin cancer and that’s a very big one.
  3. The Internal Organ could be punctured: Now you need to know that the moment you decide on going on this journey of doing a lipo, you should make sure you  get a very good doctor that does know it’s work. The cannula that is used to extract the fat from the body could penetrate deeply into the body and puncture the internal organ, this could result in excessive bleeding mishandled.
  4. lidocaine toxicity: This lidocaine is used as a painkiller injected during the procedure to help manage pain. Although Lidocaine toxicity can occur thereby causing a serious issue for central nervous system, so it’s better to settle for a very good doctor that can administer something more safer

Having to know all this about liposuction, is it something to consider, yes if you want to, bear in mind you need to get reference, be sure the doctor can deliver like.