How Dan Lok Earned the Title “King of Closing” in the Online Business World

The online business world transformed global commerce forever. No longer are people or businesses competing solely with those in their own town or even those in the same country. Nearly every brand must compete with the whole world.

Dan Lok is a marketer known by the nickname “The King of Closing”. This title wasn’t self-appointed. He took the marketing and sales worlds by storm and became known for nailing big clients through selling high-ticket premium services.

Let’s take a look at what you can learn from this marketing guru’s success story.

It’s All About Your Brand

Did you know that 93% of brands have gotten a new customer due to a video on social media?

Branding is everything and people will often make purchases from a person or business simply because of who they are. Many corporations sell exactly the same products at the same price as small, local businesses, yet due to branding, these corporations will always receive the lion’s share of the sales.

Dan Lok, The King of Closing, has worked to become, not just another salesperson, but a brand. He’s shown his face and demonstrated his willingness to teach others. All this has made his star shine so much brighter.

Landing Premium Clients

One of the biggest mistakes made by novices is avoiding premium clients because they’re too nervous to step forward. Are you afraid of cold calling a billionaire? Would you be willing to give a speech to the men and women you’ve seen in magazines and on TV?

If so, you’re well on your way to selling to those premium clients. Lok made a habit of approaching the wealthiest 1% of people and selling them his services.

Confidence is everything in business and it’s one of the best ways to surpass your peers.

Focus on Excellent Products

Dan Lok is no used car salesman. He focuses on selling excellent products that deliver value to his clients. It all ties into the push towards competing based on the customer experience. Companies that succeed in this area outperform by 80%.

Focusing on excellent products helps you to stand out in a sea of uniformity. Although you might not invent the next great product or service, being willing to push the right products can write your success story.

Building Relationships

To Dan Lok, many of his clients are not just clients, but personal friends. He invests the time necessary to build those relationships. There’s more to business than doggedly trying to land a sale. By taking the time to be the human behind the product, you have a greater chance of actually making the sale.

The modern salesperson, according to Lok, must be all about the relationship. It’s what the market demands.


Do you give up when you don’t receive a positive reply from a client? This is where you’re going wrong.

Without the mettle to persist with your target audience, you’re essentially shooting in the dark and hoping.

Dan Lok understands that there are so many areas where a potential client could drop out of your sales funnel. It requires persistence to keep your client where you want them.Guaranteed, this is how anyone can become the King of Closing.