What Happens To Bond Money If Charges Are Dropped?

When you or a family member is arrested, the frustration and stress of the situation can be daunting. To get out of jail and avoid spending time in jail cells as you await your case to be heard, it is a great idea to get bail. Seeking the services of a bail bondsman like Connecticut Bail Bonds Group is crucial since you may not have the money to bail yourself out. But what happens after you seek a bail bond agent and the court concludes that you are not guilty and the charges that had been put against you are dropped? Do you get your bail dollars back, or what happens?

Do you Get the Money Back? 

It’s in your best interest to retain the services of a bail bondsman or bail bonds company so you will not spend time in jail. A bail bonds company has the experience and tools to protect you and provide valuable advice and guidance to remain confident in your situation. Typically, there are two situations in which bail money can be refunded.

  1. If all your charges are dropped
  2. If you are acquitted


Unfortunately, there is no rule of thumb as to whether you will have all your money back. The type of bail bond also comes into play.

Types of Bail Bonds

Cash Bail 

When you use cash, a credit card, or a money order to post the required total amount of bail, it’s referred to as cash bail. If you have bail set at $1,000, the amount must be paid to the court in full. When the charges are dropped after trial, the court will return the cash bail amount. However, if you had a bail bondsman’s services helping you pay the bail, the company will keep their part of the fee.

If you paid cash-on-hand to post your bail, you would have the money returned to you after the charges are dropped or after your trial. However, don’t expect to receive your money soon. The process of paying back the bail bond money to you can take time – several weeks or even months. It takes time for the bail refund process to work its way through the government’s red tape. At times, bureaucratic stumbling blocks are likely to interrupt the process, meaning you have to re-apply for the refund, which again takes longer.

Surety Body 

When it comes to a surety bond, someone pays the bail bond company a certain percentage of the bail. The bail bondsman posts bail on behalf of the accused or arrested person. While this is usually the most affordable choice for most people, the amount paid to the bail bondsman isn’t refundable in full after the charges are dropped.

Why don’t you get a Full Refund when you use Bail Bondsman?


Seeking the help of a bail bonds company to get you out of jail as you await the trial of your case is the best way you can have time to spend with your family and do one or two things. It is safer to be at home with your family than sit in a jail cell. Realize that, however, these services aren’t for free. The bail bonds company does its part to keep you out of jail, awaiting your court date. They also provide advice and assistance with the bail bond the court seeks to be paid.

So, if you are found innocent and the court drops the charges against you, the bail bonds company receives their fee for the services they offered. The only time you can get the money back in full is when you can bail yourself out or pay the entire amount in full without using a bail bonds company.

Since many defendants don’t have the cash-on-hand to pay their bail amount in full, they seek help from the bail bonds company that posts the bond on their behalf. The company charges a certain percentage, let’s say 10 percent of the bail amount. So, if the bail has been set at $1,000, then the bondsman will put up the amount to secure your freedom. After trial, the court will return $1000 to your bondsman, whom you’ve to pay $100 to cater for the services and use of their money.

Seek the Services of a Bondsman in Connecticut!


Since you’re not likely to have cash-on-hand to post your bail, seeking the services of a Connecticut bondsman can help you come out of jail as you wait for trial. Remember that even when you post for yourself or pay the bail in cash in its entirety, and the court drops your charges, you usually won’t get the refund straight away. You have to wait, and it can take several weeks or months.

Working closely with a bail bond agent is the best option you can have. Let Connecticut Bail Bonds Group help you pay for your bail bond. We charge a reasonable fee for your services and will provide all the guidance. Visit https://www.connecticut-bailbonds.com/new-britain-ct-bail-bonds/ for more information.