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Windshield Replacement Advice Every Driver Should Know

If you’ve ever been in an unfortunate accident in the past, you know how painful and stressful it can be to get your car fixed. You need to go through a lot of trouble, not to mention having to dodge all the people who try to let you do a bad job at fixing it! But sometimes, getting your car back to top condition isn’t just the job of your mechanic.

In many cases, you’re required to look after your car and take it easy on it for at least a few days, which is also the case when your windshield is being replaced. Once you get it done, you’re supposed to keep your car away from any harsh circumstances or even a bumpy road until you’re sure everything is back to normal.

The top tip we have for you? Listen to the experts, and follow their instructions on how to make sure your windshield sets properly. In case you’re still a little lost, keep reading for some great windshield replacement advice!

Make Sure You’re at the Right Place

There are probably countless workshops near you that can replace your windows for you, and it could be hard for you to choose, especially if you’re a first time car owner or haven’t had this kind of work done before. It’s extremely important to choose the right person to hand your car over to.

Giving it to be “fixed” by the wrong person can be a disaster and cost you a pretty penny. Always check for reviews for that particular business on independent sites, or look for recommendations on sites like for a comparison of the repairmen in your area based on things like price range, ratings, and much more.

Before you settle on an option, or even before you start looking, have a price range in mind so you can easily narrow down your search.

Keep the Tape On

The tape around your windshield when you first get it back from the workshop is supposed to be there, at least for a day or two. The tape keeps the glass in place while it sets, and to make sure that nothing shakes it up too much. It also keeps the adhesive keeping your windshield together safe from the elements.

Keep the tape on your windshield for at least two days before you take it off, avoid washing your car during that time, and don’t take it to any rough roads that might shake it up.

Don’t Wash Your Car Immediately

We know how tempting it can be to give your car a good old scrub as soon as you get it back, all fixed and good as new, but that’s exactly the type of thing you’re not supposed to do. The water from the wash is only going to damage the adhesive keeping your windshield in place, and chances are it isn’t completely set yet.

Many experts recommend waiting at least two days after you get your car back to wash it.

Keep the Windows Open

We’re not asking you to keep the car windows down while it sits in the driveway, but it might be a good idea to keep it open for a quarter of an inch. This is because temperature fluctuations might cause the air inside the car to pressurize, and the pressure changes have a chance of damaging your new windshield.

Keeping the window open ensures that the pressure both inside and outside the car remains even, making sure your windshield stays undamaged and in place.

Change Your Usual Route

If your usual route had a lot of bumps on the road, it might be a good idea to take a different one, even if it’s longer. Shaking your car up when you just got the windshield replaced is the perfect recipe for disaster, which can be avoided with this little step.

If you damaged your windshield, getting it changed as soon as possible is the wisest thing to do. Once you get it back. The long and short of the matter is that you’ll need to be extra careful and gentle with it for the next two days. This way, your car will be as good as new before you even know it!