Types of Family Law Attorneys In Fayetteville, North Carolina


Getting paternity established is the first step to providing assistance for children. It also gives fathers a say in their kid’s upbringing and placement. This is important to both parents and to the kid’s sense of identity. In addition, the father may have financial obligations to the kid, such as health insurance and educational costs.

If the father is unsure of his legal identity, he may choose to undergo genetic testing. According to this study, DNA tests can be done to establish parentage with at least 95 percent certainty. This can be an expensive process, however, so it is important to get all the facts before making a decision.

Establishing paternity can be a complicated process. Getting the details right can help you to protect your rights and gain the best possible outcome for you and your kid. If you are in need of legal help in this area, consult a family law lawyer.

The court may require the alleged father to pay child support, even if the kid is not biologically his. Paternity is important in determining custody and visitation rights. A court may also consider restraining orders in cases of domestic violence. Getting paternity established may also help you to get a share of the kid’s inheritance.


Whether you are thinking about adopting your own kid or you are trying to navigate the complicated world of international adoption, hiring a family law attorney in New York City is a smart choice.

These attorneys will help you through every step of the adoption process and can answer your questions. When you are ready to start the adoption process, you will first need to contact an adoption agency. These agencies can help you determine what type of kid you might be able to adopt.

They can also assist you in selecting the best match for your family. Adoption agencies often perform a series of meetings, interviews, and background checks to find out more about prospective families. They also provide investigatory reports about prospective parents’ religious backgrounds, mental and physical fitness, and financial status.


Oftentimes, there are differences in opinions about the division of assets and debts, as well as child custody and financial assistance. If a couple cannot agree on these issues, they may need to seek a divorce. Divorce is generally an emotionally charged process.

The parents of minor children will need to make major decisions about their children, including where they will live, how they will be cared for and who will make medical decisions. The parents may have to make payments for child support or alimony. Child support payments can be adjusted by a judge depending on the financial needs of each party.

Alimony, also known as spousal support, is often paid by the noncustodial parent to the custodial parent. Alimony you’ve been rewarded with help from a lawyer like Attorney Dymond Spain is meant to help correct the economic effects of a divorce on the spouses. A divorce attorney can help sort out substantial holdings and advise the spouses on dividing their assets and debts.

Child support

During the separation of parents, child support is often part of the court order. The amount of assistance depends on the needs of the kid and the financial capabilities of the parents. It is intended to provide the kid with all of its basic needs. The amount of assistance can be changed if it is found to be inadequate, or if a change in the needs of the kid is necessary.

Children with disabilities may receive extra assistance, and parents who are unemployed may be given a minimum wage amount that is equivalent to what a worker would receive. Other income is excluded from the calculation, including benefits from state supplemental payments for aged and disabled children, public assistance programs, and actual child support for other kids.

Child support is calculated based on both parents’ incomes, the age of the kid, and basic living expenses. A child support calculator is available for parents to use. If the parents are having difficulty paying their child support, they can request a modification of the order through the court. They can also negotiate a temporary reduction in the amount of child support.