Beginner’s Guideline: How to Use Pancake Swap ?


Today we are going to talk about Pancake Swap, what it is and how it works. Pancake Swap is decentralized and provided as an exchange and also allows you to swap BEP-20 tokens. Along with Pancake Swap, BNB has been allowed to be swapped for many other types of tokens, such as Elontech. However, before you swap BNB for other tokens, you need to keep in mind that the crypto wallet will need to be connected with Pancake Swap. Click here for more essential cryptocurrency tips

Additionally, you may need to hold BNB in ​​a crypto wallet. Also keep in mind that if your wallet does not include BNB, you can buy them using a cryptocurrency exchange platform like Binance to buy them. And after that, you can easily send it to your crypto wallet as well. With Pancake Swap you can earn your income, as well as bet your Liquidity provider (LP) tokens in it, which is allowed to bet. However, PancakeSwap is focusing on swapping out all other tokens for BNB.

How to use PancakeSwap?

If you are planning to use Pancake Swap, you should connect it with a trusted wallet. Only then will you be able to use BNB to swap any other tokens. The most valuable thing you need to do is buy BNB and deposit it in a Trust Wallet. Colleagues also need to keep in mind that if you buy BNB through Trust Wallet, you will be charged a higher fee, so do not buy BNB through Trust Wallet. The more you want to avoid the higher fees. 

If you want, you can also easily buy Binance (BNB) on crypto exchanges like Binance. To do this, after copying your address on your Trust Wallet, you need to go to the “Withdraw” BNB page. You need to paste your SmartChain address from the Trust Wallet, then enter an amount on BNB, the amount you need to withdraw, and then withdraw it. After you have deposited the BNB smart chain address on your Trust Wallet, you will be able to use Pancake Swap to swap it with any other token BNB you wish. 

This article explains how you can use PancakeSwap:

A Trust Wallet must be downloaded in order to deposit to BNB

First of all, you need a cryptocurrency trust to get started with it. You will then need to connect with PancakeSwap, which will require a wallet. For this, you have to first go to the App Store or Google Play Store and download a Trust Wallet from there. Once downloaded, create your new wallet. To create a wallet, you need to save and verify the recovery phrase. After that create a new wallet on Trust Wallet, after that you will see a list that is associated with cryptocurrencies. One has to click on “Smart Chain” to open a Smart Chain Wallet. You will see several icons “Send” or “Receive” in the Smart Chain wallet.

Connect to a wallet

After that, when you click on “Wallet Connect”, you will get a list of all the wallets, the list shown in front of you will be the ones you can connect with. To use Trust Wallet, you must be connected, for this, you need to tap on “Trust”.  After that, you are asked to open the main page on Trust Wallet. PancakeSwap is allowed to connect so that you can open a page on Trust Wallet. Tap “Open” to open the page on Trust Wallet.