Top Gold IRA Investment Companies of 2022

Before now, people majorly invested in stocks. For instance, history records that stock investment started at the Amsterdam Stock Exchange in 1602. However, investments have evolved since then.

Today, there are several assets people can invest in, both for profit-making and savings. These assets include real estate, bonds, stocks, currencies, automobiles, and commodities. In fact, you can invest in almost anything that brings returns. However, precious metals investments have recently become popular, especially in retirement savings.

There are several reasons why precious metals IRAs are gaining more attention recently. Asides from the fact that it is a stable asset, it also helps to preserve the investment capital of investors during inflation and crisis. Also, precious metals are not subject to market forces; therefore, their prices usually increase.

IRAs are retirement accounts for long-term savings. The characteristics of gold and other precious metals have made them the first choice for several retirees. However, unlike setting up a regular IRA, gold IRAs require a more careful process. Because the Internal Revenue Service has a standard procedure for gold retirement investments and investors will need a reliable company to help meet the standard.

There are several top gold IRA investment companies in the world. However, we will review the ones we consider the top four in the industry. 

Top Gold IRA Investment Companies 2022

Since the approval of gold IRAs, several companies claim to offer reliable services. However, some of them only have an interest in making profits. So, we have prepared a review of our top four IRA investment companies for 2022 following the BCA (Business Consumer Alliance) consumer ratings. 

In addition, we have screened the list using factors like price transparency, client support, and educational resources. So, below is our list for 2022 in four categories.  

Patriot Gold Group – Overall Best

According to BCA, the Patriot Gold Group has been in the industry for about three decades. The company started operating around 1990 and has since been among the top gold investment firms. 

They combine a superior consumer rating with an excellent history of customer service and the best prices. And they have earned their spot on the chart while helping their investors secure a financial future by investing in gold IRAs. However, you will need to fill out a form on their website before getting sufficient information.  

The firm started as a family business and has built an enviable reputation. In addition, they have received top ratings from renowned agencies like Consumer Affairs and BCA. You can click on https://www.bbva.com/ to read more about rating agencies. 

One major benefit of investing with Patriot Gold Group is their dealer-direct feature. With this, investors can avoid paying for their precious metals purchase. Though the company does not put up much of its information on its website, you can contact them to learn more before registering. 

Goldco – Best Customer Support

When we talk about excellent customer service, Goldco ranks the highest in the industry. The company has a trained team of account reps readily available to ensure that you get all the info you need. In fact, their customer support is almost next to none. And this has made them gain the confidence of their customers.

The company offers a “white-glove program” for new account holders. This program enables them to access specialists that will guide them through registrations and all. In addition, they have an archive of educational resources with a section on their website dedicated to this purpose and encourage customers to utilize them. Furthermore, they maintain a comprehensive blog that covers several investing topics.

The company has made it to our top four companies for 2022 because of their exceptional customer service and reviews on Trustpilot and Consumer Affairs. Also, they have maintained an excellent record in the past years.

You can fill out a form on their website to register with them. Also, you can get details about their custodian, fees, storage, and account minimums from their representative. You can read this article to know more about customer service representatives.

Noble Gold – Best for Small Investments

Noble Gold started operating in 2016 and is relatively new in the industry. However, their low investment requirements and comprehensive educational resources have helped them gain fast recognition and become new investors’ favorites.

The company has received a single complaint in the past three years, giving them a BB category rating on the BCA site. However, they managed the situation satisfactorily and have five-star ratings with Consumer Affair.

Also, the company offers comprehensive educational resources and initial consultations for its potential customers. And it is aimed at understanding the customer’s objectives, needs, and preferences.

Noble Gold does not actually offer the lowest fees in the market. However, their charges are competitive. For instance, all account holders pay about $80 as service charge and $150 for their storage annually. And every account holder pays the same amount irrespective of investment size.  

The company has a vast network of suppliers and offers competitive selling prices on gold assets. Also, they provide exclusive buy-back services.

They use the IDS (International Depository Service) for storage. And they have a location in Canada and two in the United States. Also, their assets in the IDS facilities are under the Lloyd’s of London coverage.

You can get enough information about them on their website before reaching a representative. However, you will require a customer representative to assist you in opening an account.

Augusta Precious Metals – Best Transparent Pricing

Several companies promise a low fee, but only a few reveal their total costs. However, Augusta Precious Metals are not only transparent but straightforward. And this has earned them a spot on our top four companies for 2022.  

Augusta, just like the Patriot Gold is family-owned and has built a reputation for integrity and transparency since it began operations in 2012. In addition to their transparency, they offer a 100% cash-back plan and a seven-day protection agreement with new customers. However, you can contact their customer support to learn more about their storage, setup, and others.

Benefits of Choosing a Reliable Gold IRA Investment Company

There are several benefits you enjoy when a reliable IRA firm handles your investment. However, we will outline three of them in this article.

Ease Of Investment 

Gold investments have many obligations, such as preparing tax reports, files, and other bulky paperwork. However, a reliable investment firm handles all these rigorous processes on your behalf.

The firm has an in-depth knowledge of what your account requires for setup. Also, they prioritize the comfort and needs of their customers and provide them with quality services.

Transact Easily With Dealers

Reliable IRA firms usually have relationships and connections with prominent dealers. Therefore, they can help you compare prices and purchase precious metals easily.

Some companies are only interested in making money and expanding their base. However, reliable firms make it their point of duty to ensure the comfort of their clients. And helping customers to purchase their precious metals is one way they do this. You can click on https://infoforinvestors.com/ to read more about how to find a reliable gold dealer.

Quality Service

Working with a reliable IRA firm guarantees you the benefit of quality service. For instance, you enjoy price transparency, quality customer service, the best resources and guides, and much more. And these contribute to the success of your retirement savings.


There are several things you can invest in today. However, you will need to take care to avoid scams. So, it is best you research before investing.

Gold IRAs have been a popular choice for several retirees. This is because of the benefits of the asset. But, you need to register with a company to access such investments.

There are several IRA firms in the world. However, it is best to choose the ones that place their customers as a priority and offer the best services.