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Top 4 Great Uses of Mesh Tarps

Most people know the versatility of tarps. From protecting the roof during the storm to covering the paint of outdoor furniture items, tarps are one of the most useful investments. 

However, the material of the tarp is dependent on its purposes. Even though mesh tarps aren’t as effective as roof covers because they allow a small amount of light and moisture to penetrate through them, but they are extremely viable for other purposes.

Mesh tarps are full-cover and massive canopies that are crafted from mesh. However, they aren’t 100% waterproof and they allow more than 40% of UV rays to pass through. Comparing to the other types of tarp materials, mesh tarps are highly cost-effective and they provide great utility for other applications.

People commonly use mesh tarps in construction projects to tie materials. This way they prevent the materials from falling while moving. Apart from providing shade, mesh tarps are also effective for various uses. Here are the top 4 great uses of mesh tarps.

Truck Cover

This is one of the greatest uses of mesh tarps. Mesh tarps are perfect for trucks that import and export goods. Even though people don’t use mesh tarps to cover the entire truck, they do use them when hauling goods from one point to another.

Raw materials such as rocks, stones, dirt, and anything capable of falling through the top should be tied with high-quality mesh tarps

Canopy for Events or Backyards

One of the most common uses of mesh tarps you’ll notice is their capability of providing shade. Canopies aren’t just some simple cover. They can be crafted with any type of tarp. However, mesh tarp is one of the most popular options.

Mesh tarps are not just affordable but also require less time to be installed. Apart from using the mesh tarps to provide a good amount of shade, they can also come in handy in camping trips, wedding ceremonies, festivals, etc.

Rain Protection

You can easily create a deck or poncho with your mesh tarps. Even though we mentioned that mesh tarps allow moisture to go through, that doesn’t mean they won’t protect you from rain. Mesh tarps are sprayed with chemicals that seal the spaces. This makes them slightly waterproof.

However, those materials will fade from the strong rain and ultimately the mesh material will take the entire toll. As the mesh is capable of transferring moisture, they are used in socks and other athletic outfits to make them more breathable. As per Fibre2fashion, breathable sports outfits make physical activity comfortable.

Keep in mind that the moisture that goes through the mesh tarps won’t make you wet.

Debris Net

Are you renovating or redesigning your garage? Then you have to deal with wood shavings. However, excess amount of wood shavings will make your job difficult as well as make the place dirty.

Cleaning the wood shavings is not only messy but also a time-consuming job. Additionally, the stardust in the air will make it extremely hard to breathe. Instead, consider laying mesh tarps on the floor while working. They will catch every wood shaving. This will save you time and effort.


These are the top 4 great uses of mesh tarps. Even though they cannot compete with canvas and poly tarps in terms of usability, they provide higher versatility in canopies, truck covers, and greenhouses. Not to mention, they also enhance the aesthetic appearance.