Proctoring Softwares: Need of the hour

In the present time of the pandemic, all the learning process and activities have gone online. E-learning has become common to all educational institutions. Exams are conducted online and there is no need to visit physical centres for the same. This has also expanded the scope of cheating. Due to less invigilation, it becomes difficult to maintain the exam’s integrity. Hence, proctoring software are becoming more trustworthy options for educational institutions and Universities. Proctoring is a way of conducting timed exams with invigilation done online. The thing which started as a trial experiment and now has become a go-to-solution to most of the educational institutions and students. Everything from invigilation to final report of the candidate is done online.

Proctoring Softwares

The examinee can appear from anywhere and the examiner can keep a check on the candidates. The individual who monitors the examinee from the remote area is known as proctor. He has a check on the surroundings as well as all the activities of the test giver. Use of proctoring software has become very much necessary in the present times. Remote proctoring creates the environment of security, scalability, reliability and reachability. 

There is no need for setting physical centres and test can be attempted from anywhere at any time. Auto proctoring tests are conducted using Artificial intelligence technologies. These are highly efficient and have enhanced scalability. There are very fewer chances of errors as well. In the time of the pandemic, this is becoming the most suitable option for all. There are three types of online remote proctoring. These are live, auto and recorded proctoring. These exams are conducted in an authentic manner and after proper verification of the candidates. This has also helped to extend its reach across different geographies and proctor the examination conducted even form the remote area. One should keep certain tips in mind while choosing the right kind of proctoring software. These are discussed below: 

  1. Provide Comprehensive coverage: The proctoring software must be such that it provides comprehensive support and coverage. Educational institutions do not have to look for a number of software. The individual software should be complete in it and fulfil all needs and requirement of the educational institution. It should be easy to operate and conduct online exams across different geographies. 
  2. Should be user-friendly software with easy accessibility: The software and its working should be user friendly. It should be easy to operate from anywhere and at any time with the availability of computer and internet connection. There should be no lengthy procedures to be followed and should be compatible with the desired types of exams. The cloud-based system is a much better option that one can go for.
  3. Scalability: Scalability is very much important and means a lot to trainers and recruiters. It means they can assess a large number of students and candidates at the same time. It assures that a large number of students and candidates become part of assessment at the same time. The proctoring software should be such that could easily operate on a large scale.
  4. Comfort and ease in creating and conducting tests: Since everyone is new to this latest technology, it becomes important to understand this software well in advance. One should know how to operate and work on such software. There should be demos available so that individual operating the software is clear of what is to be done. There should be ease in creating and conducting the test. The software must be compatible with conducting different types of exams.
  5. Customisations and user experience: The software must fulfil all the needs and requirement of the user. It should provide them with the best user experience. The software should be customised to fulfil the specific needs of the educational institutions. The experience should be positive for both the parties i.e the examiner and the examinee. Most software has the same features. 
  6. Makes education more accessible for all: The software should make international education accessible to all. Students should have the opportunity to gain knowledge, sitting in any part of the World. There should be flexibility in selecting the time and the place. Educational institutions are coming up with a virtual learning system and e-learning programs and courses for the students. These courses can be assessed globally. Examiner should have the option to take the exam from any place and appear for the exam at any time.
  7. Ensure safe examination environment: The invigilation by the proctor should ensure the safe examination environment without any discrepancies. It should create and establish the cheating free environment. They must keep the track of the activities of the students from remote places. In the time of online education and training, this is a more conclusive method of conducting exams as they ensure that examination takes place properly and efficiently.
  8. Suitable for all types of exams: The software should be such that it could be used for all kinds of test or exams. These should have the option of conducting all kinds of exams like aptitude, essay types, objective type or subjective type. It must also help in conducting digital exams. The 
  9. Technical support and assistance: In case of any query or issue, there should be readily available technical assistance. Usually, this should be provided24*7 for better customer experience. The technical support team should be very effective and efficient.
  10. Cost: Last but not the least, the software should be cost-effective. It should be reasonably priced. It should provide the benefits following the investment made in it. It is always best to invest in comprehensive software that provides end to end service to their customers.


Using proctoring software is a much easy and simpler option for educational institutions and students. It helps to solve issues related to cheating and content fraud. Using such software has also eased the process of conducting and evaluating the exams. With coming up of AI and its hardcore use with the human mind proctoring, has enabled the institutes to safely and efficiently conduct exams. One can go for this software to increase efficiency and productivity at the same time.