Meet Your Business Needs with Customized Email to Fax Solutions

Any business looking to integrate faxing with document workflows will find email to fax solutions very convenient. Email to fax doesn’t necessitate additional software installations since you’ll be using the current business email to attach files and compose messages to send to the fax number of your intended recipients. Sending faxes from email requires you to partner with a cloud fax service.

How Cloud Fax Works

When you subscribe to online fax services by mfax.io, you also agree to include your employees as end-users. Each staff member receives a local toll-free eFax number that is tied to their email addresses. You can send eFax directly from your company’s email account, and if you don’t have such an account, your personal email will suffice. When documents or messages are sent to your eFax number, they travel via PSTN and are converted into TIFF or PDF files and attached to your email address. Then they are further forwarded to the employees’ email addresses.

To send eFax messages and files via email, identify the recipient’s eFax number and type the subject and message. If you are attaching files, select from your device, let them load, and hit send. You can enter multiple recipients or choose your favorite contacts from the address book. You might want to keep a copy of the fax by sending it to your eFax number (hit Send Copy to Me). The Messenger feature lets you view, sign, and send faxes without printing or scanning documents. Your business will enjoy the following benefits when you start working with a cloud fax provider.

Multi-Function Direct Feature

Web-based email-to-fax solutionsimprove your employees’ workflow and productivity, courtesy of an MFP fax direct feature. This quick-fix helps with integrating your eFax service with the existing multifunction printers. It allows users to send fax directly from the multifunction printer’s glass if need be. This eliminates the need for outdated fax phone lines. Through MFP fax direct feature, sending paper fax to frequently contacted recipients are even simpler through programmable buttons on the MFP’s control panel.

Centralized Fax Management

Having a centralized system for business faxing is fundamental to monitoring the usage of resources and reporting. Fax management is easier when carried out from an intuitive web portal.

Minimal Issues and Hurdles

When you have a dedicated customer care desk, troubleshooting all your fax machine and server issues is no longer your technical staff’s responsibility. Fax experts are your standby professionals whenever you need to maintain a software license or train employees on cloud fax complexities. A trusted cloud fax service makes you forego in-house fax machines and servers to bring more value to the business with MFPs that your current staff members are already monitoring.

Enhanced Security

Secure faxing is key to maintaining the data integrity of your business, whether big or small. An internet fax company stores your information in safe data storage centers through the most advanced online security and data encryption protocols. Since cloud faxing employs industry-standard network security layers, you can use MFPs fax direct feature to boost the security of critical documents you share with third parties.  Avante-Garde encryption standard TLS ensures the fax documents remain safe while in transit from your office, across the web, and to the recipient’s inbox. Suppose an employee receives a fax via email. They also receive a URL that directs them to a secure site that is protected from malicious online activity. This is where the fax loads, away from the prying eyes.

Safe and Fail-Proof Data Storage

You might be wondering whether your data is safe at the provider’s servers. First, with the highest encryption levels, like TLS, all faxes traveling across the internet cannot be decrypted. Again, the 256-bit AES security keeps all inbound faxes safe. Note that cloud faxing providers use at least Tier III and telco-grade servers at their data centers to keep faxes safe 24/7. The storage at their multiple data centers is backed by failover capability. This means it is possible to recover any information in the event of a disaster like data breaches.


Email-to-fax functionality is the best way to fax from anywhere. Embrace a paperless office through digital faxing. Empower your employees to send, receive, and store faxes over the web, whether working remotely or in the office. They will never have to copy or print materials for transmission via analog machines. A digital solution is a great way to minimize the time needed to manually copy, print, retrieve, and insert papers in fax machines. It ensures that the received files are not misplaced, stolen, or accessed by unauthorized users.

Privacy Regulation Compliance Your data transfer and storage via online faxing are designed to meet the stringent data laws. Furthermore, your information will never leave the designated locations.

Access to Fax API Developer

Are you in the business of high-volume faxing? Maybe you just need a convenient way to allow workers to fax by email from their Electronic Medical Records systems, ERP, or CRM. Then it would be best if you had a cloud fax API developer. The service gives you the security, flexibility, and power you just need for in-house operations for production-class fax. Without an extra cost, your system gets XML-based fax API with the ability to fulfill massive faxing demands without the maintenance of onsite infrastructure.

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Meanwhile, you might want to test the service using a free trial. The fax experts will use your information to estimate the cost and contact you quickly. A customized fax plan for enterprises allows you to send critical and urgent documents safely.  Your employees will also have the privilege of using the fax-by-email solution through smartphones, computers, tablets, and other IoT devices. Rest assured of detailed technical support from online Fax experts who are available round the clock. Through dedicated account representatives, expect personalized attention to all your troubleshooting issues.