Maximizing Your Reach With a Custom Trade Show Booth

Creating a visually stunning booth makes capturing the attention of attendees walking by easier. It also helps to ensure that your business will be remembered a few days after the show ends.

Align all aspects of your trade show exhibit around a central theme or message. This includes everything from marketing materials to booth furniture and displays.


Boost Brand Awareness

In addition to increasing brand awareness, a custom trade show booth allows attendees to engage with your product or service in an open and spacious environment. This creates quality interactions, which ultimately lead to more sales. Visit a custom trade show display manufacturer at infinityexhibits.com

Partner with social media influencers aligning with your brand to promote your booth before the event. Offer giveaways, like branded swag, to encourage these influencers to share about your exhibit and drive traffic to your booth.

Then, send dedicated emails to your contacts and customers to invite them to the show. Include key details about the event, such as speaking sessions, special events, and exclusive booth perks.

Post updates, photos, and videos of your event experience on social media during the show. Tag your attendees, media, and other brands to help spread the reach of these posts. Then, follow up after the show with a note to thank everyone for their time and provide links to additional content, discounts, or news.

Increase Lead Generation

A well-designed custom toy fair booths can generate substantial sales leads and drive traffic to your business. Though attending a trade show isn’t cheap – there are costs associated with floor space, travel expenses, hotel rooms, and promotional items – the return on investment is far greater than other marketing methods.

Create a pre-event campaign that promotes your trade show attendance and drives attendees to your booth. This can be done through social media, paid ads, or by distributing flyers in the surrounding area.

Offer incentives for attendees to provide their contact information at your booth. This can be prizes, discount codes, or special giveaways like t-shirts, pens, and stickers. This adds value for the attendees and allows them to reconnect with you after the event.

Follow up with leads quickly after the trade show is over. Ensure your messages and calls are personalized to reflect the interaction you had with each lead at the show. Nurture leads in the long term, adding them to your CRM and creating content pieces that are appropriate for their stage in the buyer cycle.

Increase Attendee Engagement

The value of your booth is based on what attendees bring to it, which means promoting your products or services in ways that encourage participation. For example, hosting a contest or game is one way to boost engagement and make attendees want to visit your booth.

Prizes, discount coupons, and trial offers are traditional giveaway options that draw attendees in and promote brand awareness. Swag items like pens, hats, water bottles, notebooks, flash drives, or stickers are also an effective way to increase awareness and generate leads without a significant investment.

Defining your goals and identifying the audience for your trade show participation provides direction. Understanding your audiences’ needs and problems allows you to create a customized experience to attract exemplary visitors. For example, using augmented reality or interactive experience to self-identify the attendee’s persona can help sales reps connect with them on a more personalized level.

Increase Sales

Whether your goal is to generate leads, promote products or services, or increase sales, a well-planned booth can help you reach those objectives. Your booth should be designed to communicate your main selling point and evoke an emotional response in the audience, such as through colors. Yellow is an attention-grabbing color and stimulates the brain, while red invokes passion and encourages action.

Consider offering prizes or coupons to booth visitors to drive traffic and engagement. The correct giveaway can boost your brand’s visibility and is a great way to build your network.

Talk to your exhibit house about your specific goals before the show. This will allow them to convey better what’s possible with your budget and help you prioritize which booth features are “nice-to-haves” versus “need-to-haves.” This can also save time and money on a booth that won’t meet your goals.