How Rehab Works-The Complete Anatomy

If you are battling with drug or alcohol addiction and looking for rehab to help you with it then you need to make research on rehab centers with adequate facilities to help you with it. For any type of substance addiction treatment and if you are in search of a treatment program that would be suitable for you check here on Legacy Healing.

There are different rehabilitation programs. We have an inpatient rehabilitation program, outpatient rehabilitation program, therapy, and so on. Under these programs, each of them has various ways of helping people recover from their substance addiction.

Inpatient rehabilitation program: this is mostly for people with serious substance addiction issues, these set of people are usually admitted to the facility and placed in an environment for a certain period of time. Most rehabs are licensed to provide a full and adequate care program with necessary medications and in a safe environment. Most facilities are capable of providing different treatment programs like

Therapeutic recovery treatment: this is when the patient has a serious addiction problem and the patient would be required to stay in the rehab center for a certain period of time, this way the patient will be placed on medications and serious care and would be watched closely on how the recovery process is coming through.

Short residential treatment: this treatment process involves detox, a situation where the addictive substance will be flushed out of the patient body system, this will prepare the patient for treatment and counseling.

Supervised house recovery: this treatment process puts the patient on a supervised watch to help them get used to the no drug addiction processes. The patient would be put through therapy and counseling.

Outpatient rehabilitation program: this rehab program offers a scheduled rehab treatment for the patients, this is often for patients with less severe drug addiction, this way you would be free to carry out your daily activities.

There are also different types of outpatient rehab programs like;

Support groups: these are groups where drugs and alcohol addicts come together to meet some days of a week, they meet with a licensed therapist which helps them through their recovery process. 

Intensive outpatient treatment program: this program helps patients who are drug addicts and wants to stop but still want to continue with their day to day activities. They would be given a scheduled time to visit for some hours every week over a period of time. They would be taken through counseling sessions, therapies, and how to prevent relapses.

Daily programs: this is a daily treatment activity program where the patient would be required to come daily for some hours for treatments, counseling, and therapies.

Therapy: this is also a common type of treating drug and alcohol addiction, it can be one on one therapy, family therapy, or group therapy. There are also different types of therapy, it all depends on the patient and the substance that was abused, some therapy helps patients change their ways of thinking while some talks to them and helps them on how to abstain.