How to Recognize Remote Employees During COVID-19?

In the utter lack of methods for employee recognition, such as physical events and weeks of appreciation, the employee recognition in a digital workplace may leave managers tied.The great news is that with a little creative thinking and understanding of what influences employee experience, managers can translate a culture of recognition into a virtual workplace.

Remote employees are more likely to be disengaged and abandoned, an alarming truth when the percentage of the workers has moved to working remotely. With dozens of distractions at home, from crying kids to looking at social media, with no one looking over your shoulder, it’s easy to get away from work.

Use modern technologies to recognise people in person

It is likely that when your employees gather in the office every day, they will find ways to celebrate their accomplishments together. Now that your employees are working remotely, invite them to a virtual meeting using programmes like Zoom or Skype to announce these major achievements. In addition, extra facetime will help to relieve the loneliness that remote workers often feel at work.

Give local gift cards to employees

Numerous local companies are struggling during the COVID-19 pandemic due to compulsory closures. The best way to support these businesses is to purchase gift cards that your employees can redeem at a later date.

Not only does this give a personal touch to your recognition, it also helps to support your community in a time of need. Extra credit if your gift cards are purchased through an automated rewards platform that can be sent via email. These platforms help to eliminate the problem of mailing gift cards to your remote employees.

Be in Time

It is important to keep track of what your employees are doing in your company, even if your entire workforce is now working remotely. If you see a behaviour that has to be rewarded, don’t wait! Instantly reward that employee to make your recognition more meaningful. You can do this through a variety of channels: through your company’s chat programme, through a recognition platform, through a team-wide email, or by verbally highlighting your employees during improvised video meetings.

As many staff change their working hours to accommodate at-home schedules, the significance of timely recognition is only enhanced. With children home from school during the coronavirus pandemic to having to cook every meal at home, many employees have altered their hours to provide more household support. Instead of waiting until they’re offline for the day to send a recognition, make sure you send it instantly when the employee can see it so the impact is significantly larger.

Provide professional development opportunities

One innovative way to reward and appreciate workers from afar is by giving them opportunities for professional growth. Now is the time to tackle new projects, learn new skills, and build your repertoire with all this spare time (especially for your sales team). The best employee monitoring software can set up and monitor employee computer  network access permissions, increase productivity, and improve security.

That’s all my readers hope you understand the recognition of remote employees during covid or any similar situation.