How Rich Communication Services [RCS] is better than SMS?

Text messages, the networking technology we have known and loved since the 1990s, are beginning to demonstrate their generation. In recent years, they simply don’t act the way we’re used to and come to expect. For instance, reading receipts, group messaging, or animated stickers are not supported by everyone who likes to trade in apps such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and WeChat. That may sound incredibly limiting, but old habits are dying hard.

Some people need more than they are capable of delivering, considering the continuing success of SMS messaging. The Rich Communication Services or RCS platform has been built to make the service more valuable and competitive with popular, feature-rich messaging apps, smartphone producers, carriers, and the governing agencies of the cell phone industry.

RCS: The Instant Messaging Next Generation

The immersive Chat protocol allows group chats, video, audio, and high-resolution images to be shared, which look and work like iMessage and other rich apps for messaging. It enables reading receipts and displaying in real-time when someone responds to your post. Maybe your phone has it already.

Chat is not meant to be just another Android messaging app: it’s the RCS protocol or RCS platform. Just two applications are accessible for chat: Android Messages and Samsung Messages. Although this may seem a little limiting, most manufacturers of smartphones ship with the default messaging app for Android, so you may already have access. For Chat to work, there are a lot of moving pieces needed. Next, the protocol must be supported by your carrier. You will need to have a computer that supports Chat and a messaging app. Finally, your receiver will also need to talk, otherwise chat messages will be returned to SMS.

What does messaging on RCS do?

RCS Messaging has the greatest benefit over SMS – and the reason it was first introduced – is that it allows users to send rich, checked messages. This means that messages can hold more content, because users can give each other items like images, videos, and audio messages.

Instead of having to rely on third party apps, they would be able to carry out video calls with each other from directly inside the messaging app. Community messages are possible, and small items like reading receipts and indicators will also be included to indicate that other users are typing a message. RCS platform messages would also remove the 160 character cap used in SMS messages at present.

Businesses will be able to send items such as airline boarding passes, package delivery updates and credit card fraud warnings using RCS Messaging.

Rich contact will make supporting clients easier for you:

– Appointments to Book

– Conduct payments

– Receive passes for boarding

– Provide surveys

– Receive updates about package delivery

– Receive notices for credit card fraud

– Receive marketing promotions

The above-mentioned features allow personalized campaigns to be sent and the customer experience to be enhanced at the same time. There are a variety of features in addition to these types of messages that come with Rich Communication Services that are not provided by SMS, including:

– Rich, messages checked

– Greater total of 8,000 characters

– From inside messages, video calls

– Messages from the Party

– Read receipts by reading

– Messages cross-platform

– Mobile networks transmit messages

– Analysis


In addition to taking Android messaging into the 21st century, people can chat over Wi-Fi or mobile data, label group chats, add and delete participants from group chats, and more, by reading receipts, typing indicators, and sending and receiving high-resolution images and videos. By launching the Android Messages app and turning on the chat features, you can activate RCS. Text messages will flow through the new protocol automatically if RCS is allowed by both parties. But not everyone can, not yet at least. Thus RCS is one such smart application or maybe an android feature.