Aussie homes: why a building & pest inspection is more important than ever

It seems like every time you check house prices have gone up. This is a huge cause for concern, as Aussie individuals and families are having an increasingly difficult time entering the property market and making something their own.

The last thing you want is to then go on to buy a home with any manner of structural problems or infestations. That would be the final straw in an already frustrating situation.

But it doesn’t have to be this way, as you can enlist the services of the best building and pest inspection Gold Coast homebuyers can find. They will ensure that when buying your home that you don’t get ripped off and left with something that requires thousands more dollars in repairs, pest control or something completely different.

Here is why enlisting a building and pest inspector is more important than ever:

  • They can help you negotiate a better deal

First thing’s first: you’ve found what you think is a great home that you want to live in or renovative into something that more resembles your dream home. That’s great! There is nothing more exciting than being able to enter the property market after working so hard to enter what is an increasingly difficult situation in this country.

But this doesn’t mean your potential vendor isn’t doing everything they can to trick potential buyers into buying a property that is rife with faults. Homes can come with any number of faults, from cracks in the walls and ceiling to termites gnawing at the structural integrity and everything else you could possibly consider.

A building and pest inspector will find any faults that a vendor is looking to hide, and this is why they are a dodgy vendor’s worst nightmare. If the inspector finds that the property contains any number of faults that should fairly reduce the vendor’s asking price they will advise you of these faults so that you can have the price reduced or – if necessary – back out of the deal altogether.

People often overlook inspections but come to regret it down the track, especially when they have paid full price for a home that has a foundational flaw that will cost thousands and thousands of dollars to repair.

Your BPI will advise on whether it is right that you are paying full price for a property that has a few expensive issues waiting in the walls, and this makes it an imperative service that shouldn’t be overlooked.

  • They can advise you about whether to take the property or not

This may come as a surprise to you (or maybe not), but many vendors will try and flog off a house that is practically unlivable. Think about it, imagine buying what you think is your dream home, only to find out that there is serious structural damage that actually makes the home dangerous to occupy?

The pain would be insurmountable, and for this very reason it is always a fantastic idea to enlist the services of a professional BPI. They will locate any dangerous issues that the vendor may or may not be aware of, ensuring that you don’t move into a home that was poorly built and could actually use complete rebuilding.

These two reasons alone are why enlisting a BPI is more important than ever. They will go into bat on your behalf, ensuring that you don’t get roped into a ridiculous deal that whilst putting cash in the vendor’s hand is setting you up for endless homeowner struggles.