4 Reasons User Feedback Is Important for Web Development

It may seem a little backwards to utilize user feedback before and during the process of web development. But with the advent of faster, leaner development (and faster, leaner competition to match), it’s more important than ever to get as much user feedback as you can, at all stages of creating your product.

4 Reasons User Feedback Is Important for Web Development

So check out these four reasons that user feedback is vital for development

1. Validation of need for your product

The most important of all reasons is to validate that your target market actually exists. By utilizing surveys and in-person qualitative research, you’ll be able to ask potential users and customers what problems they have, and what products or services they currently use to solve that problem.

2. Identification of the most valuable components

Further into your research questions, you’ll be able to identify which specific attributes of the products and services are especially valuable to your target consumers. You might be able to ask this question in several different ways, utilizing your surveys and/or in-person interviews. For example:

– Which attributes of the product could you not live without? Which attributes are the most important?

– Rank the following product attributes, in terms of their importance (and list all the attributes of your prospective product)

– What elements of similar products have little or no value to you?

Many surveys have the ability to calculate the results of these types of questions, and present them in a way that will help you make product decisions. For example, you might find that for a stock trading application, 90% of respondents feel that the speed of the web application is the most important attribute. You can’t be sure until you ask!

3. Builds a professional image

You’ve identified the most important attributes, gotten insights into lesser attributes that might save you money, and built a relationship with your potential customers.

To polish it off, make sure you’re using a high-quality, experienced online survey service to do all those things, and you’ll leave your prospective customers feeling that your company and brand are innovative, sincere, and professional.

4. Build loyalty

Simply asking the questions of the prospective users becomes a great introduction to your future relationship with them. Consumers dream of a product that’s designed with their interests in mind, and when you ask users’ opinions, they’re more inclined to believe you’re setting out to do just that.