Why Do You Need a Criminal Lawyer to Defend You in an Assault Charge ?

An assault charge refers to an intentional act that causes the person to fear that he will suffer physical harm. If proven, you might be sentenced to rigorous imprisonment of 10 years or one year, depending on the gravity of the crime. Whether guilty or not, you getting advice from a criminal lawyer can change the case outcome. 

Here are some excellent reasons why you need a criminal lawyer to defend you in an assault charge. 

Save You From Worry and Stress. 

Federal laws are continually updated, and complex situations may arise at any time.  You need an experienced criminal attorney to steer through complex criminal laws code and prove you are not guilty.  By hiring a criminal lawyer, you can save yourself from stress and worry that could affect your health.

Protect Yourself From Disastrous Outcomes

As mentioned earlier, an assault charge can land you in jail and destroy your career and family life. A criminal lawyer  has years of experience in dealing with cases like 

  • Incorrectly charged or falsely implicated 
  • Proven guilty when you are innocent 
  • Being sent to prison when you were not guilty 
  • Termination of employment because the employer has found criminal charges against you 

These are some of the disastrous outcomes when you don’t hire an experienced criminal attorney to defend assault charges levied against you.  When you hire the right criminal lawyer, he can work to avoid such disastrous outcomes in your assault charge case. 

Support in Police Interviews

When you are arrested for an assault charge, you are required to participate in a police interview. The things that you saw knowingly or unknowingly can be used as evidence against you in the case. If you have never attended a police interview before, you are more likely to be nervous and not know what to say. 

When you hire a criminal attorney, he will tell you what your rights are and what to do in a police interview. 

Present Your Bail Application 

According to 2019 crime data, around 250.2 cases of aggravated assault are registered per 100,000 of the population. It can take weeks or months for trial. You would want to stay in prison until your case is heard in court. The criminal lawyer will present your bail application in court. 

The lawyer will draw court attention to essential facts in the case and put an argument that you should be released from custody.

Present Evidence in the Right Way

Criminal cases are complex, and a lot depends on the way evidence is presented.  For example, the prosecution lawyer will often ask questions that do not comply with the rules of evidence. The prosecution lawyer may raise objections on the line of questioning to the witness. 

A good criminal attorney knows what questions to put to witness and how to oust them so that the prosecution lawyer does not raise any objections.  The criminal lawyer will have a strategy to cross-examine the witnesses, which can change the case’s outcome in your favor. 

Find Out Weakness in Opposition’s Case 

A good criminal lawyer will study the case closely to find out weaknesses in the opposition’s case even before your case goes for trial. While preparing the case, the lawyer will identify the inadmissible evidence. In simple words, the prosecution lawyer cannot use this evidence in your case. 

The lawyer will also contact the prosecution lawyer before the trial begins and ensure the prosecution lawyer does not lead the case with evidence.  

To sum up, there are some things that you cannot do by yourself and fighting criminal charges is one of those things. To protect your interests and save you from a jail term, you need an experienced criminal lawyer who knows the laws well.