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What To Look For In A 55 Plus Community

55+ Communities Florida are ideal for retirees or individuals who are approaching retirement and looking for a change and a place that can provide them with a home and lifestyle in one central location. But it can be quite difficult to choose the right 55+ community that matches your needs.

So to make it easier for you, we have compiled a list of the top things you should look for in a 55 plus community before you choose one. Let’s delve into them.

  • The size of the community

One of the top things you should look for in a 55 plus community is the size of the community. Selecting the right size is equally important. The size of these 55 plus communities varies from one community to the other. So you need to determine the right size. Are you looking for a more intimate, small community with more personal care, or do you want a larger community with more amenities? It generally depends on your personal choice and preference. 

  • Age restrictions

When looking for the perfect 55 plus community, you should also pay attention to the age restriction and age range of the particular community. While most adult communities tend to sway towards individuals who are over 55 years, not all of them are age-restricted. Some of these adult communities can accept residents of all ages 

If you don’t like the thought of sharing common spaces with individuals who are younger than you, then it would be advisable to choose an age-restricted community. But if you are used to younger people in your neighborhood, or you are looking for a community that accepts children, you should opt for age-targeted communities.

  • Amenities and lifestyle

Other essential factors you need to consider when choosing a 55 plus community are amenities and lifestyle. Most 55+ Communities Florida generally have specific services, facilities, and outdoor areas to accommodate one’s lifestyle in one central location. If you have multiple hobbies and interests and you want a facility that can accommodate them, then it would be ideal to choose a bigger community. Such a community will provide you with a comfortable living experience, but of course, at an extra cost. 

Here are some of the top amenities you should pay attention to:

  • Dining facilities
  • Fitness and aquatic centers
  • Spas and salons
  • Golf course
  • Wellness clinics
  • Exercise classes
  • Scheduled transportation
  • Etc…


  • Close and quality healthcare

Even if a 55 plus community offers top-class amenities, but the proximity to a reputable hospital is far away, it may not be worth it. Old age sometimes comes with certain health risks. This is why 55 plus communities should have a good hospital within reach. Research the community to find out if there are reputable hospitals around it.

  • Homeowners Association [HOA] fees

You should also consider the HOA fees when choosing a 55 plus community. The fees can be paid monthly or annually and are paid for the upkeep of the community’s grounds and amenities. The HOA fees generally vary from one state to another, but they range from $100-$600 a month.