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Underlining the uses and benefits of backdrops for your trade shows

Out of all the myriad types of backdrops for conferences and trade shows, the pop-up ones are perfect for booth display. These backdrops integrate an expandable frame structure. The shape is accordion and it usually comprises aluminum. The sturdy frame subsides and collapses into a structure that’s 20 inches in width and 30 inches in height.

  • When you expand the frame, it literally comes up or pops up into the main place. That’s how you derive the pop-up display name.
  • There are quality pop-up displays that provide rollable panels or carpet graphics. They are now available with premium dye sub graphics.
  • In a first-generation, traditional trade show booth, you expand the pop-up frame and hang different magnetic bars on the frame’s front.
  • You use hooks for attaching the bar to the frame’s top.

For a corporate event

Using backdropshas become common when exhibiting or organizing corporate shows. The right backdrop can provide depth and edge to your brand. You need one that represents your business and speaks to your target audience. A proper backdrop is a crucial component of any business event, where your organization is present as a sponsor or exhibitor.

  • You can customize backdrops for showcasing the company logo and injecting the brand in the attendees’ mind.
  • If you’re an exhibitor and are participating in a tradeshow for showcasing your products to business partners and potential buyers, you can use a personalized backdrop for setting up the perfect environment and stage to attract potential customers, and send a powerful message about your business.
  • There are mainly two types of backdrops in this regard. The non-framed ones and the portable backdrops. A vibrant, high-quality, and catchy portable backdrop can help in making a loud statement, enabling the audience to identify your booth instantly.
  • You can easily assemble and disassemble a portable backdrop. You can also out them in a carrier and take it to the trade show.
  • These backdrops are ideal for travelling to various events. They can display one or more images, words, and logos, which may need to tile or repeat on the fabric.

All about brand marketing

Many businesses use media walls as attractive booth backdrops to spread brand awareness and promote brand marketing. If you’ve just established your business and are trying to make a dent in the market, backdrops can help you immensely. Media walls as your business backdrop can enhance the entire marketing campaign and add a character to your booth.

  • As you brand your logo on the medial wall, you introduce your products/services to people who know nothing about your brand. It’s all about brand reinforcement.
  • Backdrops allow you to promote sponsors. Sponsors are pivotal for the success of any type of event. Tradeshows are no exception.
  • Investors invest their resources to create or enliven an event. They only seek some marketing of their brand in return.
  • There’s no better way to say thanks than by printing or plastering their company name, photo, or logo on the backdrop.

You can use media walls as the backdrop of your booth to do so.