Top Benefits Of Cutting With A Waterjet Cutting Machine

Whether you already manufacture with waterjet technology or are new to the concept of waterjet cutting, it is always crucial to be aware of the benefits that this type of process can offer when choosing whether or not to invest in it.

There are two kinds of waterjet cutting that are currently used: pure and abrasive. The difference is that pure waterjet cutting is used for cutting softer materials, such as paper or foam, solely using the waterjet. As the name suggests, abrasive waterjet cutting mixes abrasive materials, such as sand, into the water stream. This accelerates the power of the cutting and thus enables the stream to cut harder materials such as ceramics.

But, irrespective of the type of water water-cuttingcutting machine you are interested in purchasing, it is worth learning a bit more about the benefits, and this article aims to set the core ones down. So, enjoy!

No Limitations

Waterjet cutters have no limitations on what they can cut. It is a versatile option that can cut any material, including rock, stone, glass, and rubber, and even composites. If you are opting to have the additional granular abrasive added to your waterjet machine, it can quickly perform quality cuts on materials that are up to 200mm thick. The finish will always appear smooth and will be a simple and striking result for any material.

No Heat

If you’ve ever heard of plasma cutting, you will be aware that this process involves quite a lot of heat. However, waterjet cutting has no heat-affected zone and actually occurs due to a cold-cutting method. This enables cleaner cuts and increases the safety of the person operating the waterjets. This also reduces the risks of burns and also the safety equipment that is required to use the machine.

No Material Damage

You may have heard that when it comes to cutting materials such as wood, metals, or even plastics, there will be micro-abrasions and cracks around where the incision was made. When it comes to waterjet cutting, this is not the case; the heat exposure caused by traditional cutting methods is bypassed, which means there is a fine cut without any distortion to the surrounding material. This is ideal if you are using waterjet cutting to create stronger components for a machine, as you will not have to worry about minor damage or micro imperfections in the materials.

No Additional Finish Needed

As mentioned earlier, the high cutting quality ensures a precise result, and for most materials, this means that there is no additional finishing process needed. So, a waterjet cutting machine is a significantly faster option to use, especially when it comes to cutting ceramics, and increases overall efficiency.

No Waste!

And finally, there is no hazardous waste which is created by this method in the form of gases or fumes, unlike many of the other cutting technologies. This is incredibly important as the world turns its attention to being more environmentally friendly, especially in the cases of factories and other manufacturers of components for machines.