Rotate PDF Online Permanently for Free with GogoPDF

Rotate PDF Online Permanently for Free with GogoPDF

As PDFs become more and more popular, they also become more and more interactive. It has so much to offer aside from security. Apparently, we humans usually neglect a few things when using them. Sometimes, you need a binding document, and it was emailed to a landscape position when it must be on a portrait.

That is funny, but when in that situation, what could you possibly have done? Did you panic and didn’t know what to do? We hope not because there is a service provider who can help you with that. With GogoPDF, you can rotate your PDF files online, for free and permanently. We will tell you more about it below.

Who is GogoPDF?

GogoPDF is a robust online service provider specializing in editing secured PDF files like compress, rotate pdf, and so much more! They offer state-of-the-art, yet easy to use online tools to transform PDF files to a user’s much-needed file format like Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and so on. They promise to deliver high-grade end products to any type of user.

Their services also include, but are not limited to, securing PDF files more, repairing, splitting, merging, and viewing PDFs. Anyone can surely trust their little online tool, guys. If there are questions we haven’t answered here, just visit their page and go to gogopdf.com.

Why use GogoPDF rotate PDF online tool?

There are so many reasons to use GogoPDF online tools. Most evident is that with their over 20 strong online tools, including the rotate PDF tool, anyone’s productivity will boost, and workflow will improve. Since it is an online tool, anyone with an internet connection can access it any time of the day.

Apart from that, its rotate PDF online tool gets your lopsided PDFs fixed in as easy as 1-2-3, allowing within minutes of dealing with digital documents. Its intuitive interface makes it easier for users to toggle, and thus a superb customer service experience.

How to rotate pdf with GogoPDF?

With GogoPDF, PDF pages can be swiftly turned. So when you get an upside-down PDF file, fix it yourself. First, connect your device to the internet. There is no registration needed unless you want a premier account. Then open any browser on your device, go to gogopdf.com, and choose rotate PDF among the tools. No need to install the software.

You are all set. Start uploading your target PDF files by selecting them from your drive and dragging and dropping them on the rotate pdf tool. Make the adjustments with your file, save the changes, and lastly, download your repaired PDF. If you want to make the permanent changes, GogoPDF saves the changes automatically to the original file.

What makes GogoPDF rotate the PDF tool differently?

GogoPDFs web-based rotate PDF tool differs from other tools online because of its flexible multiple rotation options, which lets users choose or do their desired rotation angle for their file. Options include but are not limited to 90 and 180 varying degrees, clockwise or counterclockwise actions, and single, multiple, or all-page rotation.

Here is how to rotate PDF pages as you need them. After your PDFs were imported to the toolbox, you will be transferred to the preview mode page, and you will be provided with the options mentioned above, add or remove or rearrange pages. All on your fingertips. To save changes permanently, just tick on “Apply Changes.”

What other features does GogoPDF rotate PDF web-based tools offer?

GogoPDFs web-based rotate PDF tool works like magic. Aside from the features mentioned earlier, it also boasts two more features. First, it works well on almost all devices (Laptop, desktop, netbook, smartphone, and tablets), internet browsers (Chrome, Opera, Safari, and Firefox), and computer operating systems (Mac, Linux, and Windows). 

Second, it is entirely a safe web-based tool. GogoPDF is committed to protecting all their users’ privacy, and thus, they apply privacy policy on every device they offer, service they provide, and server they use. It runs entirely and smoothly processed online and saved in the cloud. Thus, you will not be asked to download any software.


There you have it. If you need you to rotate your PDF file, individually or as a whole, do it with GogoPDF web-based turn PDF tool because it will give you freehand in doing the changes, for free, and permanently. So, when you receive a lopsided file, don’t get easily agitated. Connect to the internet and go to gogopdf.com.