Why Should We Buy Hard Polycarbonate Back Covers?

Some mobile phone users prefer metal smartphone build, whereas others prefer leaning towards the lightweight and resilient plastics that are found in Nokia or Samsung smartphones. Believe this or not, people prefer different smartphone components between the slabs of their hardened glass. Reasons for different kinds of materials like glass, metal, and plastic are not purely preferenced, even though that is what it comes down to in an end for most. The manufacturers at BMW phone case intelligently select different materials for various reasons.

Full and Partial Protection

By its protection level, all phone cases are divided into two groups: full and partial protection. We will review both full and partial protection here:

Full protection – Such cases cover the whole surface of your phone and protect your phone from any kind of moisture and mechanical damages. This full protection case will be guaranteed by the kinds of phone cases that are available: regular folio & vertical flip cases, waterproof cases, and shockproof.

Partial protection –These covers protect particular areas of your phone, and from particular damages.


If you are looking for reliable impact resistance, then polycarbonate is the right material that you will have to choose. Amorphous thermoplastic gets used throughout various industries in the manufacturing of different products, which includes bulletproof windows, glass lenses, automotive parts, compact discs, as well as medical devices. You have used the product that is made from polycarbonate, without realizing this.

Silicon – Another common material for your phone covers and the silicon phone cases are in huge demand because of the quality, range of design options, as well as affordable cost. This material protects your phone from moisture, dust, scratches, and mechanical damages. Generally, silicon is used for regular & heavy-duty cases. It’s a bit pleasant to touch, lightweight, and will be cleaned very easily with the wet wipe.

Genuine & PU leather –Another popular material for phone cases. The genuine leather will be used to make the costly premium-quality cases. The PU leather is used for affordable phone covers. The leather is a bit durable & elastic material that will protect your mobile phone from small scratches or moisture. The leather cases are made from any kind of design: with the leather floral ornaments, which is combined with various other materials, and decorative and precious stones.

Plastic – The plastic phone cases are made of thermoplastic polyurethane and polycarbonate. Such cases are very thin, and fit your phone size in the right way. Here we have listed down the extra qualities, which make them take the best material used on phone accessories for several years.

Benefits to look at

The polycarbonate material comes with a long list of advantages, particularly for smartphone protection. These phone cases aren’t just durable or strong but they are also very flexible, weatherable, as well as affordable. Also, polycarbonate cases are customizable and are available in many different colors & creative designs.

It is very important that you choose the right phone case for your device, as there are plenty of different types of iPhone case material available in the market that it becomes really tough to find the right one for your phone. I hope this guide has helped you make the right decision and choose the right phone case.

Final Words

We want to tell you that it’s very simple to pick the right phone case in case you carefully consider the needs and the environment you are using the phone in. There are the widest variety of the mobile phone cases in many different designs and occasion are found in the store online and regional distribution points.