Invest in business at very low amount


Today as business are growing fast so it is every necessary to know how to make business plans with low investment otherwise even if you spend high you will not  be able to get the kind of money you are willing to. But there are few businesses which are really considerable and they will support your earning wherever you are. You only need to know how to work after spending money there.  You should definitely go for

  1. Ice-cream parlours – because people are crazy about ice- creams it will definitely bring you fruits of the planted tree. This is low investment manufacturing business with good result. You can spread this business when you start getting profit out of one, you can open you rice cream parlour round school colleges.
  2. Bookshops – Books shops with café are the best combination you can start with because all search a place where they can read good books and talk over coffee. Did you get that? This business is small profitable business ideaswhich you could start up.
  3. Tourism agency – look this business can be absolutely profitable because today all people are finding out a good tourists agent and if you would give them a faithful service you would get clients for lifetime and the best part about this business is that you can start it with minimum price. So rather than high investments it needs your ability of building up trust with giving them a kind of satisfied guide and places to explore.
  4. Gyms – Yeah this will also take up very small amount from your savings for starting up your business. People are so concerned about their health so when you will open it at the right place then it will help you to earn so well and this business also takes up very less.
  5. Laundry services – This can also be started at every less amount because there are office goers and college goers who need such kind of services so when you would provide them such kind of ambience it will be beneficial for you. If you want to earn more you can start this business giving them service at low price and so it will bring more customers for you as college goer students need such kind of services at reasonable price.
  6. Internet services – If you provide internet services in such kind of place where they genuinely need it this will be really beneficial for you.


Above mentioned businesses are kinds of business which takes very less but give you good result. These are Business plans with low investment. There are many other options but these are the best which would take just your efforts so get ready to try these low investment business if you are a fresher in the field of business and you see yourself as an entrepreneur so this can be true if you take small step to make a big difference in your life.