How to use mobile banking apps for UPI payment

Most of us use a UPI payment app on an everyday basis. In the past couple of years, however, reputed banks and financial institutions have offered mobile apps that improve the online money transfer experience and take it a notch higher for any UPI app user. You will find below eight tips to find a suitable UPI payment app.

UPI payment

Choose a glitch-free UPI payment app 

Our first tip for you is to choose a UPI payment app that does not pose numerous technical problems. Often, you’ll find UPI payment apps that hang or do not work well in remote areas due to a network issue. You should choose a reputed bank’s mobile banking app, as they tend to be technically sound. 

Keep various money transfer options in mind

Apps that offer multiple methods of transferring money are preferable. IDFC FIRST Bank’s mobile banking app has the Auto Pay feature, the One-Swipe Pay feature, and the UPI feature to send money online.

Opt for online account opening

Also called “Insta Save” accounts, online bank accounts come with numerous benefits, such as no monthly average balance criteria, instant query redressals through the bank’s mobile banking apps, and a completely online, paperless process. If you wish to save time, you can opt for this method of bank account opening. 

Prioritize data security 

UPI payment apps across India are now prioritizing data privacy by adding a few more layers of security to their mobile apps to make their customers’ data secure. Reputed bank apps like the IDFC FIRST Bank mobile app have biometric login options to help you access your bank account securely. 

Use strong passwords 

You must use a strong password to log in to your mobile banking app. Have the habit of thinking of “passphrases” that contain numbers and special characters while selecting a password. 

If in doubt, contact customer service

Having a helpful and professional customer service team helps the end customer. All reputed banks provide the best possible customer service through their mobile banking apps. However, IDFC FIRST Bank emerges as a front-runner in this category and provides stellar customer service. 

Choose an app with a good user interface

It helps if the UPI payment app has a pleasing interface and helps navigate around the app features easily. You must opt for an app with an easy user interface for quick and convenient navigation.

The app must be all-in-one

Finally, your UPI payment app must do more than facilitate UPI transactions. It must also help you invest your saved money, categorise, and analyse your previous expenses, and repay credit card bills through online money transfers. 

These eight tips can help you not only select the right mobile banking app for yourself but also judge the one you are currently using to decide whether you want to upgrade. If that is the case, it’s never too late to switch to another efficient UPI payment app!