How to Create Squeeze Pages with High Conversions

How to Create Squeeze Pages with High Conversions

You still may not understand why companies spend so much on creating landing pages. A landing page is a vital part of your sales funnel. There are several types of landing pages.

A capture page or squeeze page is a landing page that has the sole purpose of squeezing the email addresses out of visitors. However, this is possible only by exchanging vital information.

Squeeze pages work perfectly and might be amongst the list of powerful tools for gathering and building an email list. However, they do not all get the same result. A well-crafted page will attract more emails faster and better than a shabby one. Knowing how to create squeeze pages is necessary for making one with high conversions.

How to Craft Your Squeeze Page

There are a few components and features that make your capture page unique. Below are some tips to guide you in creating them.

Create an Attractive Lead Magnet

Have you seen those landing pages that pop up, offering you several freebies like a free e-book? Those freebies offered are called lead magnets.

Lead baits are a necessary component of a capture page. You will exchange something for the email addresses of your visitor. To ensure uniqueness, you need to create content with high value. 

You can see a lead magnet as bait. It must be attractive to draw all sorts of fish. There are several ways to build successful lead baits. You can click on https://www.impactplus.com/blog/how-to-create-a-lead-magnet to read more about creating a lead magnet.

Irrespective of your format, you should consider these points. Consider if it can help your audience and your business.

Does It Help Your Audience?

How to Create Squeeze Pages with High Conversions

Discover and explore options that your visitors need. Uncover what they are struggling with, and provide an easy solution to sell that need. Place it as a free digital product, and voilà, you got them.

Does It Help Your Business?

Though your concerns are more about your audience, you need to know how to link them to your business. Finding the needs of your audience is a vital step but, not all are related to your business. For instance, your audience may need answers on jam making but, your niche is health. Instead of creating content on making jam, you can create a health guide for using it.

Once you get an idea of what areas will attract your audience and serve your goals, it will be easy to create a lead magnet. You can turn the content into a video, PDF, or newsletter.

Select an Easy Capture Page Builder for the Job

After creating a catchy lead magnet, you need a method to advertise and supply it to sign-ups. A Landing page carries out this responsibility.

Creating landing pages might be complex, depending on the builder. Ensure that you select a builder that makes it easy for you to create these cute short web designs. Ensure that your email list provider can integrate with it. You can read this article on how to design an effective landing page.

Whatever tool you are using, ensure you start simple. As you practice, you get better at it. You can upgrade your landing page after gaining new skills.

Craft a Precise but Informative Message

How to Create Squeeze Pages with High Conversions

While trying to create an outstanding squeeze page, do not overwhelm your readers. Avoid unnecessary details and go straight to what they should do and the reward. Avoid the temptation of trying to write about your business. It does not take much work; just provide a solution to a need and how they can get it. We assume that you do your conversations and education somewhere else on the sales funnel.

Building a good squeeze page is a fascinating experience. Remember to keep it simple, short, and crispy. Ensure it aims to provide a solution to the needs of your readers.

Select a High Quality Background Image

It has come to notice that using complete-width pictures for your welcome page background stands out better than one with a plain background. Choosing good images might be tasking for some people. However, the trick is simple – do not overthink it. Use an image that represents your business and supports the message.

Avoid using abstract or confusing images. Your audience might be distracted trying to figure out what the photo tells.

Do not try to look for an image that will suit everyone. You might spend much time and effort doing so, and it might not work well. Instead, use a picture that relates to your business. For instance, if you are into photography, you might use a beach photograph as a background.

Use a Strong CTA (call-to-action) On Your Page

How to Create Squeeze Pages with High Conversions

A CTA is a word or short sentence that encourages the audience to take several actions. Some examples of a CTA include “Download now”, “Yes, I Want a Free Copy”, “Learn more”, etc. You can read about choosing and using a killer CTA here.

Visitors may spend less time on your page. They may spend time debating whether to sign up or not. Here is where a CTA comes to play. Having some CTA displays at strategic places on your page can improve response.

Creating a good CTA goes by several rules. You can find different approaches on the internet. However, it is best to test and use what works well for you. Ensure your CTA tells the audience what they should do like, “Download Now”, instead of “Click Here”.

Another thing you need to consider is reducing the length and difficulty of a CTA. Ensure you restrict the command to two or at most three words. For instance, you can use “Get in now” instead of “Register now”. The word “register” is less understandable than “get in”.

Feel free to add that “F” word. Relax, I meant the word “Free”. Most people act at the sight of the word free.


A capture page only does one job – to collect emails. It is necessary for those who plan on building an email list. Email marketing is one of the best ways to improve your sales.

Building a quality squeeze page does not cost or take much time. You only need lead bait, a landing page builder, a good image, and some good content. It should be up and running in no time.

Ensure you keep it clean, simple, and short. Avoid confusing details that might distract the audience. Ensure that the page aims at getting them to take an action. It will lead to the next phase of your funnel.