How Do I File a Truck Accident Injury Claim?

Trucks weigh about 35,000 to 80,000 pounds. If a truck is involved in an accident, it can have severe consequences and may even lead to fatalities. Based on the size of the truck, it is often difficult to determine fault and liability in most truck accidents. If you have been a truck accident victim, it is essential to immediately contact a truck accident lawyer to understand your legal options.

Filing a Personal Injury Claim for Your Truck Accident

Truck accidents are complex as they involve several parties. In order to successfully file your personal injury claim and recover reimbursement for your damages and injuries, you first need to determine who is the liable party. Liability in a truck accident can be shared by one or multiple parties mentioned below:

  • truck driver
  • driver’s employer
  • truck operating company
  • owner of the trailer
  • truck manufacturer
  • party responsible for truck maintenance
  • loading company
  • truck parts manufacturer

Truck accidents can also occur due to faulty roads or potholes where the government entity responsible for maintaining the roadways could be held liable. In most truck accidents, the trucking company will immediately hire a strong legal team to investigate the crash. But since this is a for-profit business, the trucking company and insurance providers adopt strategic tactics to dismiss your claims or reduce the compensation amount. Also, most US states have laws governing accidents that may prevent you from seeking compensation even if you have the slightest responsibility for the accident.

This makes it imperative to hire a personal injury lawyer for your case. An excellent attorney willhelp you gather critical evidence such as security footage, truck black box data, cell phone records, eyewitness testimonies, or any other crash data that could prove liability.Historical data indicates that several victims of truck accidents were able to secure multi-million-dollar settlements when truck accidents caused by the negligence of truck companies led to tragic deaths or severe injuries. You could also receive justice and hold the party responsible for your condition liable for their actions.

How Can A Good Truck Accident Lawyer Help You?

Each truck accident case is unique. No amount of compensation can fully address your injuries or the loss of a loved one. However, a knowledgeable and experienced truck accident lawyer can provide valuable resources that will help you successfully file a lawsuit or claim compensation. These include but are not limited to:

  • accident reconstruction experts whose testimony can prove valuable in proving fault
  • obtaining the official copy of the police report
  • preparing your statements for the insurance company
  • negotiating settlements on your behalf
  • filing a lawsuit and representing you in jury selection
  • conducting depositions
  • representing you in the trial, mediation, or arbitration

A seasoned attorney will work tirelessly to ensure that all the parties responsible for your condition are held accountable for their deeds. Moreover, with the support of a personal injury lawyer, you can focus on your recovery and remain assured that you will receive the compensation you rightfully deserve.